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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life after the affairs

Hello my sexy friends! I am back. I want to thank Anonymous (whoever you are!! LOL) for your message to me yesterday wanting to know how I'm doing. I can't tell you how much I appreciated that. Yes, this blog has grown cobwebs as my hubby and I are still working very hard on our marriage with the fallout of my discovery of 16 years of lies, cheating, and manipulation. I have been to hell and let me tell you, if I can survive this, there isn't anything I can't do now. I have grown stronger but the anger monster within me is like a fire-breathing dragon that is ready to pounce at any given moment. Reconciling a marriage after affairs is not for the faint of heart. I always thought women who stayed with men who cheated on them were the weakest creatures on the planet. Afraid of their own shadows. I always assumed women who stayed with men who cheated were women who had no self-respect and were more concerned with giving up their cozy lifestyle than have the guts to leave and stand on their own two feet.

How wrong I was.

In the ten months since I discovered my husband's cheating, I have come to realize that staying is much much harder than leaving. Oh, let me tell you, many times I've wanted to throw him out, or run, run, run and never look back. Why have I stayed?? Believe it or not, I still love him. I am still in love with him. Even though he's destroyed me to my core. 

I have had no experience with being cheated on. Some women (and men) have a painful history of lovers who were chronic liars, but I have been lucky. Previously to being married to my husband, I was the one who always wanted out. I cheated on my first husband. Yes, I told him the very next morning, and moved out right after. I did not keep it a secret from him for 16 years and cheat more with more men. So I have a perspective about my H (husband) and cheating that makes it harder to forgive.

When an affair (or several) are discovered by the betrayed spouse, your world collapses. I can't, and won't, even go into how devastated you are. It is simplistic to say that you will never be the same. But it is true. I will never be the woman I was. I have had to re-write the last 16 years of my life. It is not what I thought it was. My H had a one-night-stand after the birth of our first child and kept it from me for 16 years. Didn't use a condom. Insists she didn't get pregnant. A drunken mistake. He insists he was faithful for the next 14 years and planned on taking that to his grave. Well, he never dealt with it, never told me, and so it came back to haunt him. 

He had yet another one-night-stand two years ago, and never told me. Just "buried it" so he didn't have to deal with it. Never once did he think, "oh fuck, here I go again! I said I wouldn't do that ever again and I just did!!" Oh no. He just "buried" it (whatever the fuck that means) and carried on like nothing happened. Came home to me after not using condoms yet again. Another drunken mistake not dealt with.

At this point, we are 6 years into an open marriage and he brings home slut #2 to our home and bed. I befriend her. She disappears eventually and he sighs relief. I am none the wiser. Then a few months later (April 2011) the first skank from 16 years ago finds him on Facebook and what does he do???? He is so fucking stupid!! Instead of thinking, WTF??? I'VE BEEN RUNNING AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN AND THIS MISTAKE FOR THE LAST 16 YEARS OMG IM NOT TOUCHING HER WITH A TEN-FOOT POLE. But alas, no, he is happy to hear from her and in a blaze of "nostalgia" (his words) they reconnect and the rest they say is history. He risked 20 years of marriage, our children's health and well-being, my health, our finances, for the validation from someone he claims he never loved. 

He lies about how he knows her. I buy the lie because why wouldn't I? I encourage the texting because I'm busy having my fun with Mickey and other guys. He buys her a plane ticket and brings her out here to our home, our bed, my body. I take her to my work. I teach her to play tennis. I make out with her in front of my boss at a bar. She hangs out with my children. I have sex with her. While he's at work, I pour my heart out to her and spend lavishly on her because I know she's important to my hubby, just like Mickey is important to me. That is called the give-and-take of an open marriage. After three days here, he and I are fighting so much and not even having sex with each other. I ask him to make her leave. He convinces me to let her stay. She was here 10 days. What did I do then?? I tried even harder.

I was extremely jealous. I spent hours talking to my girlfriend about my jealousy. I knew he deserved to have her and be with her just like I had my Mickey. And you know what??? By the end of her stay, which by the way, I had to initiate cuz the bitch had no reason to leave and my H didn't want her to go----I had gotten over my jealousy. On Saturday, I had to get up and go to work. We'd had a threesome with her and she was still in bed with us. I actually left them alone together in our bed and told him whatever happened was ok with me and I left. I didn't think about it much while at work and I was so happy with my progress. He started texting me about a half hour after I got to work that "nothing happened. She got up and took a shower." And that is the lie he continued to tell me for 8 months after I asked at least 10 times, "Really??? Nothing happened??? I left you guys alone in bed and you didn't fuck her???" and he lied and said no. She got up right after I left and showered.

What an asshole. He DID fuck her the minute I left. And lied about it for 8 months.

You know why he lied, right??? Cuz he had fucked her 16 years ago and brought her back into my life without my knowledge. She had no right being in my house let alone my bed and my body. And it was the second time he had done that to me.

His web of lies came to a crashing halt January 30, 2011 when I found private facebook emails between the two of them declaring their love for one another. Long story short, there were two other women he was hiding at that time and it took me another 3 months to discover them. I kicked him out of our bedroom and I told him I wanted a divorce. My therapist insisted I give it six months of therapy before I did anything. 

We are ten months out, and we are in a great place. I'm sure reading this you are ready to stab him in the eyes yourself, but one thing about my H you need to know is, he is a changed man. Three therapists and couples counseling for the last ten months he has become the husband I always thought he was. He immediately stopped all contact with the other women and is eternally grateful for the gift of a second chance I have given him. He earns my love back every day. He was a very broken man with a lot of secrets that were destroying him. He thought about suicide daily in those early weeks and so did I. The pain of betrayal is so painful for both sides. It is hard to understand and believe I feel badly for him but I do. I have come a long way in understanding how broken he really was. 

He has vowed to earn back my trust every single day of his life and he is doing so. He tells me every day how sorry he is and shows me that he is sorry. He said he will regret to his dying day how he hurt me. He knows that I will never look at him the same way or feel the same way about him. The damage is done. Yes, we can stay together and be happy because we are both choosing to be together. I am not a Pollyanna and I am not "rug-sweeping". I know what he's done. I am devastated that he was capable of being such a narcissitic asshole. I have seen the transformation over these months and yeah, time will tell. I am taking it one day at a time. If he chooses to betray me again, I am not the fool. He will be. He knows one step out of line and I WILL divorce him. This is his last and only second chance. No thirds. 

The open marriage is talked and fought about daily. I don't know what will happen. I liked getting over my jealousy but he fucked it up. I don't know that I can ever be ok with him being with another woman now. He's still ok with me being with other guys, and frankly, I haven't ever lied to him so why should I give them up? He gets that. I just don't know if it's a good idea. So we keep talking.

We have twenty years plus together. We have two kids. We are in a band together. We have thousands of happy memories together, and yes, despite the pain, I still love him. For better or worse. I've been through worse. I'm holding out for better.

I am releasing the info for my other blog if you want to read it. It has been my lifeline to my sanity.

I welcome all your comments. Thank you for caring about me. I love you all.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Moving on without Mickey

Looks like B may finally get his threesome with me and my hubby! We have 2 nights at the Chateau Marmont reserved for late October! If you know anything about Hollywood, you know that this is THE place to be! B lives on Mulholland Drive, which is just a short jaunt from there. We have been texting and I sent him pics of me and my hubby (naked ones too!) and he thinks we are both "sooooooooooo cute!!!" yay! (remember how we found him? We had placed a Craigslist ad in LA for a single guy for a threesome with us. He responded and although it didn't work out that night, he was clearly interested! I can't wait!

I opened my mailbox yesterday and there was a catalog for a well-known clothing store, and yep, there he was, B in several pics!!! It was an ad for teen clothes and yeah, he's 27 but obviously can pass for a teen! He had his usual 5 day shadow LOL and his long, wavy brown hair and big brown eyes and looked adorable and sexy. I took pics of the catalog and texted them to him and told him, "You were in my mailbox today!!"He loved it. He has a huge ego and I'm good at stroking it. (that's not all I'm good at stroking... hehehe).

BTW I am surprisingly FINE about Mickey's recent declaration. I think I've been through SO much with my hubby over the last six months, he just became less important to me. And he ultimately had to choose between me and her, and he chose her, and that's fine. I knew he would so I wasn't surprised. I do feel sad that we never really got very far together. There's a song that perfectly describes us but I can't think of it now. I'll post it soon as I think of it. Anyway, I guess it's over forever, but who knows. Maybe he'll marry her. She's only 21 and I see her marrying a smart professor, someone older eventually. He is not her intellectual equal and I think she will get bored with him eventually. Will he come back if she does dump him? Of course he will! Will I want him or care? Of course I will. He knows it. But I'm not holding my breath.

I've moved on too. And I'm happier than I've been in six months. It's been a long, hard, horrible journey to get here and Mickey showed his true colors--he ran. That's what he does. And then blames it on everyone else.

I'm fine without him. I miss him, but I don't miss the games he plays; the cat and mouse, the not expressing himself and disappearing for months at a time then reappearing. I hate the drama, it's not fun at all. I like Adam, he is turning out to be everything I wanted Mickey to be. Honest, direct, simple, and uncomplicated. No drama. He's the easiest person to be in a relationship with. I am happy with my hubby too, we have worked out our issues and are still working on our marriage so we never get tangled up in a mess like that ever again.

Goodbye Mickey, "one night, and one more time, thanks for the memories, even though they weren't so great, see, he tastes like you but sweeter."---Fall Out Boy

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sex with two guys

The guest bedroom door had been pushed slightly ajar and I knew at that moment my hubby was watching me fucking Adam. The glow of the candlelight revealed our naked and very sweaty bodies pounding each other, out bodies slapping with each of his thrusts. It had been a long six months since we'd been together and he had actually not been with anyone since our last time together! I wasn't nearly as horny since my hubby and I have been fucking like rabbits, but I had missed him and had thought of him when he texted me from time to time.

He's only 26. Nearly half my age.

And he's super hot. Beautiful long chin-length blonde hair, straight as angel hair pasta and great to grab onto while I'm riding him. Pretty blue eyes, tall and slim, and awesome balls. (did I say that out loud???) He's kinda smallish on the other topic but it's still fun. I can take the whole thing in my mouth and not gag.

The evening started with my hubby and I sitting in a bar listening to a cover band that kinda sucked and which of course made us miss our own band and compare us. We had had a weekend with no kids! They were both out of town with their friends so we had an empty house! We started to get a little sauced which led us to want to get a little saucy hee hee so I texted Adam, thinking full well he works Saturday nights so it would just be fun texting him. He had a new work schedule and was off, and home, and bored, and my text came at a great time! He agreed to come meet us and hang out, which meant end up back at our house fucking me. Were we ready for that?????

What the hell. Why not?

Next thing I knew there he was, just as good looking as the last time I saw him, and he greeted my hubby with a very nice handshake and smiles on both guys, and a hug and kiss for me. He sat between us; it was a two-top table and we were sitting in bar stools. Very cozy. He doesn't drink alcohol because of his job; he gets random testing so he just had a Coke. My hubby ordered his fifth beer and I was on my third Grey Goose and Red Bull. It was the perfect drink combination for a night of sex.

We chatted over the band for about a half hour I think, then it was time to leave and get the party started. I asked him if he remembered how to get to our house and he smiled and said, "of course!", gave me a kiss on the mouth and we parted towards the parking lot.

I drove since my hubby had had more to drink than me. I was fine ironically; I think the adrenaline (and possibly the Red Bull) made me feel quite alert. It was about a 20 minute drive home and it was exciting knowing my "boyfriend" was following us there.

My hubby and I got home first and we kissed passionately by the front door, waiting for Adam. He whispered to me, "have fun with your boyfriend--don't forget about me." I said, "thank you babe, and I won't, don't worry!!" and he went up to our room and got in bed to wait for me. Adam was here right away and it was fun letting him in again. He took off his shoes and left them by the door, and we went straight upstairs to the guest room.

My hubby had lit some candles for both rooms, and I had brought two into the guest room. For me, nothing sets the mood like flickering candles.  I don't even remember taking off our clothes, I just remember him being in his boxers (so fucking cute!!!!) and me in my bra and panties. My hubby had given me the cutest bras when we reconciled and I was wearing one of them for my boyfriend. How sexy is THAT???

He is a fun lover. He's very silly and doesn't take sex seriously. When our bodies were slapping against each other, we were totally into it and moaning and grinding, and then he'd giggle cuz the sound was funny. I like it; I'm totally 100% comfortable with him. The only thing I don't like is he won't go down on me! I am determined to make him like it! I don't know what his problem is and I plan on addressing it eventually. Right now, I'm happy to just enjoy sex with a hot 26 year old guy who's totally into me!!!

I was conscious of my hubby watching from the doorway and it was so hot. I knew Adam didn't know he was being watched and I didn't let on. I did glance my hubby's way several times to make eye contact with him even though it was pitch black in the hall and I couldn't see him--I knew he was there watching us. I'd have preferred to have had us all in the bed together but Adam wasn't into that unfortunately.

So...I had some fun with Adam for about 1/2 hour, 45 min or so then told him, "I'll be back...I'm going to go see my hubby." He was adorable and perfect, laying there so sexy, and he said, "the most important thing is you take care of him and don't have any problems between you." HE IS GOING TO REPLACE MICKEY IF HE HASN'T ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That made me SO happy!!! He truly cares about both of us. That's just what we've always wanted. I wanted it to be Mickey, and it was for a time. That chapter is over and done with.

I left him there, sweaty and naked, laying on his back, and went to my bedroom and got in bed with my hubby. His dick was hard and ready for me, and he was full of passion. He took me in his arms and held me tight and entered me immediately. He loved the feeling of my already wet vagina and I loved having a bigger dick inside me. I loved the connection we have between much love. We made love for just a short while and he told me to go finish off my boyfriend and come back. I did what I was told.

I walked back into the candlelit guest room and my sexy boytoy was still laying on his back, waiting for me to come back to him. He turned and looked at me and smiled, and I went to him. He got hard so fast and within minutes we were back at it fucking like escaped jailbirds. I love all the different positions we get into, just like with my hubby, we are acrobats in the bedroom! My favorite thing he does is fuck me while holding me in the air, my legs wrapped around his torso and he holds my ass. It always makes him giggle and then me too as we realize how ridiculous we look. He finally came fucking me in the missionary position; he commented he was surprised he lasted so long after not having had sex for so long! I teased him, "I just can't believe a guy as hot as you hasn't had any in six months." He said he just doesn't like the young girls he meets; says they're all so immature and terrible in bed! He said I was worth waiting for. Just what I loved to hear.

I didn't bask in the afterglow too long cuz I was eager to return to my hubby. We cleaned up and kissed and I said he was welcome to spend the night, but he said that was ok, he should get going. I was fine with that. I thought it best too; I wanted to focus on my hubby and our relationship and I'd had my fun. I always said the reason the open marriage worked for me was I never spent the night with anyone; I'd fuck them and leave them. I told him, "thank you, that was awesome, hope to see you again soon," and he responded, "oh you will sexy, you will," and I left him there and walked back down the hallway to my hubby.

He greeted me again under the covers with his big hard dick and passionate kisses. I was happy to be back in his arms. He got on top of me and fucked me hard, then pulled out and went down on me since my boytoy hadn't wanted to do. I came right away; it felt so fucking good. He licked me up and down and tasted him and it was so fucking hot. He grabbed me hard and entered me again and fucked me so hard I screamed, he screamed and came so loud and forceful our dog started barking his head off! We laughed then and it was so awesome. Sweaty and exhausted, he flopped onto his back and we just panted like dogs ourselves.

What a fun night!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I became the "other woman"

Well Mickey has officially broke it off with me.  He sent me a middle-of-the-night text, "please don't send me any messages." This was in response to a heart emoticon I sent him, accidentally by the way, I had been texting my daughter hearts. I had been asleep, who knows how I sent it accidentally but anyway, yeah, that was the response I got.  I hadn't heard from him since April, and I had sent him a few texts here and there and hadn't gotten any response. I was shocked. I was completely unprepared for that. To which I wrote back, "Why don't you want to talk to me?" followed by four more texts (I was ignoring the, "please don't send me any messages" text obviously. "What happened?" "Please explain", "Did I do something to offend you?" Then, "Hmmmm, ok....8 years and no explanation". I fell asleep then and never heard another peep out of him.

Then I took my phone with me to go to the bathroom in the morning and checked my email (out of boredom, that's what i do on the toilet LOL) and he had sent me an email from his new email address.

"Sorry....please I can't mess things up with my GF I'm trying to get everything in line in my life. When you message me like you just did she sees everything". OH OK THAT'S ALL YOU HAD TO SAY. I'M BACK WITH MY GF. I WOULD'VE RESPECTED THAT ASSHOLE!

I responded; "Aw thank you for explaining! I'm so sorry. I didn't know. I wish you all the best and please know that I am always here for you." I intentionally left out, "all my love" or "love always, Anna" and all that since I knew the GF was going to see it. I thought, OK, it's over, for now, and good for him. I want him to be happy. I wasn't even upset. I knew it would end this way eventually. I haven't seen him in 2 years, two years today he came to see us before we moved here clear across the country. I knew moving here would end things as it would just be too hard with the distance. But like I said, I was ok.


After I responded, I went back to read the rest of my new email messages, and there was another by him he'd written at 6:05 am that I hadn't seen. This one I could've done without. He had made his point in the other email; my BFF thinks she put him up to it but I don't think so. This one hurt.

"Please don't contact me anymore, this whole thing has ruined my life and I can't do this anymore. Ive been hurt so much and I can't take anymore".

That was it. Did I need to hear that I ruined his life????? Jesus H Christ!!!

I don't know what happened between them. I don't know if she read this blog. I don't know if she found out that her beloved likes guys too. I don't know how much she found out about me, all I know is I have left her alone and would never hurt her OR him. I think she's adorable and good for him; why on earth would I hurt her??? He has told me he was always single when we were involved, which may or may not be the truth. All he had to do is issue a pre-emptive strike and things might've gone differently for him. If he'd called me, or texted me, or sent me an email, "Hey sweetie, things are getting serious with my GF.  I really want to give this relationship a chance. I know you love me and want me to be happy, as happy as you are with your hubby. Let's cool it and let me be the first to contact you if things don't work out. You have meant the world to me, and I love you and wish you guys all the best."That's all he had to say.

My hubby, who knows all about lying and avoiding conflict, said he didn't do that because he "didn't want to hurt my feelings". WTF???? HOW WOULD THAT HAVE HURT MY FEELINGS??? This is so much worse!!! Instead of telling me something helpful and loving, now he's accusing me of ruining his life because HE didn't handle his personal life truthfully!!! That hurts. He has brought me lots of pain as well, and I never told him nor made him feel bad about himself for it. I refuse to accept that I ruined his life. My hubby says that he isn't angry at me, he's angry at himself. I believe that.

I also believe she has the right to know who he really is before she commits to him. If they stay together now, they will have an honest relationship. She is only 21 years old for God's sake, too young to commit herself to any guy let alone someone who is so messed up. She seems like she's an extremely intelligent, beautiful and honest girl and deserves to be treated better. If she wants him, and let's be honest, he is worth it, I truly believe that, after all I've been in love with the guy for 8 years now, she deserves to know him the way I know him. She may know his favorite color, his favorite food and how he leaves the seat up (if he does), but I know how kinky he really is and how he told me she won't do the things sexually he wants to do. Maybe now she either will, or she won't, and he can live a "vanilla" lifestyle and put up with it to have her and be secretly miserable (which will lead him to cheat on her, as he has done) or she'll accept that part of him and participate. Either way, this pain will cause them both to grow and be closer.

I refuse to accept that I've "ruined his life". His deception, his conflict-avoidance, and his game-playing to keep us both has ruined his life. There was a time not too long ago he was prepared to move here and be with us; he said only if I'd give him my car and I wasn't willing to do that. My hubby gave me that car to cheer me up when Mickey left California for Oregon and and broke my heart. He knows that story, and that was my one thing I refused to acquiesce on. I told him, "You can drive it all you want if you come live with me, but I can't give it to you. You understand right? I can't do that to my hubby." He understood. He thought seriously about moving here. He would've been very happy here.

We can't go back, we can only move forward. I am not sorry for having him in my life, if anything, he changed me and my life forever and I don't regret a thing. I miss him and I will miss him but something tells me he'll be back.

If not, I'm still okay. I will always love Mickey and not a day goes by that I don't think of him.

I wish him well.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Fifty Shades of Grey"--have you read it?

Okay so I decided I had to find out what all the buzz about this book was about. S&M??? Oooooo!! How fun!!! So I downloaded this book about a month ago and have had such a hard time getting into it.

Here's my opinion so far, and I'm only on chapter 5.

I can't believe this book is so popular first of all; I'm surmising it's because of the subject matter; what other author has written a mainstream erotica book about S&M?? No one. She's truly a pioneer, I'll give her that. But in my opinion, her writing is juvenile at best.

First of all, her characters are SO one-dimensional. They have no depth whatsoever. As a reader, I could care less about either the protagonist or the leading man, Christian Grey. The protagonist is laughable. She is 22 years old, and a not only a virgin (yeah right, and she's drop-dead gorgeous) but she's also never been in love. Never really even kissed a guy. So here she is with the AMAZINGLY PERFECT LOOKING, BILLIONAIRE CHRISTIAN GREY who is head over heels in lust with her. He is textbook "Fabio"--chiseled features, insanely successful, in his twenties and already a billionaire. They are not only unbelievable but they are boring!!! The dialogue lacks any kind of excitement because the characters are not interesting people. They remind me of stick figures who are more like puppets. They keep moving but we don't know why and we soon don't care to find out.

The author's writing reminds me of my writing classes in college where someone has an idea for a novel, and they buy one of those guides, "How to write a novel in 21 days" or something like that. It's like she was copying some sort of formula and just typed it all out without any real feeling. There is no depth to either character. The reader doesn't really care why Christian Grey is enamored with her (Anastasia). She is inept, annoying, and so uninteresting. Other than being horny for him, we know little else about her. There is no back story on her (so far, like I said, I'm on chapter 5) other than she's in college and has a roommate smarter than her. Seriously!!! I am not kidding. That is all we know about her. We do know Christian is adopted and that's about it. He's gorgeous, insanely rich, impeccably dressed, and crazy for her.

At this point where I stopped reading last night (because the book put me to sleep yet again), Christian has just shown her his "playroom"--his S&M room. She's in shock, and she's dismayed because she had hoped for a night of passionate sex and falling asleep in his arms, but he said, "I don't ' make love'. I 'fuck hard'". Then when she admits she's a virgin, he feels sorry for her and tells her he will "make love" to her. Whatever. I don't even care if he changes his mind and kicks her out for being so annoyingly naive and coy. In fact, that would probably make the story more interesting!!!

 I have really struggled to read it just so I can see what all the fuss is. And I will keep punishing myself (hahah, pun intended) to finish it out of mere curiosity. I keep falling asleep so it will take me awhile to finish it.

I do love his name; that's about all I like about this book.

Tell me your thoughts!

Monday, July 23, 2012

He likes it rough....

Oh. My. God.  You should see my hubby's neck! He insists I bite down hard while we're making love. He writhes with pleasure. It's so fucking exciting and disturbing all at the same time. I will do whatever he wants me to do to please him, but it does worry me a little when it's all said and done.

I have known this man for 22 years. That's a lot of fucking and lovemaking. He has never wanted it this rough before. Does he feel the need to be punished for cheating on me?? At first, I really enjoyed hurting him. I slapped him in the face while I was on top of him. It was so erotic. I actually slapped him so hard I gave him a black eye! I had no idea I hit him that hard. He loved it. We have never been like this. I keep thinking this will pass, but there's no sign of him letting up. Guess I'll just enjoy it while it lasts.

Friday, July 13, 2012

What to do about our not-so-open marriage??

Sexy Adam has not forgotten me. He has been patiently waiting for me for over 5 months now. He's been texting me and wanting to hook up. My hubby has encouraged me to do so, but I am wary now. Being that we almost divorced, I think we need to give our relationship some time before we start jumping into other people's beds (or others jumping into ours!!!) Much as it worked for me, clearly, the open marriage didn't work for him, and I'm not about to risk it.

I am wondering what is up with Mickey. Haven't heard a peep out of him. I've been on Yahoo messenger, I've sent him emails. I've tried texting and calling, and discovered he's changed his phone number AND deleted one of his email addresses. BUT---his Facebook is active, adding new "friends" all the time, even though it's set to private it does show when new friends added. Also, his GF has a really touching picture of him on her page, it's her "wall" pic, and he's standing on a deserted dock, holding a dog leash in his left hand, her stupid little dog on the other end of it taking a crap. The pic is from behind, and he looks stunning. Fuck them both. Whatever.

My BFF tells me, "he's done it before. Just relax. He'll be back." Yeah, maybe. We do this dance all the time. Whatever. I do find myself missing him a lot lately.  I know he was quite upset that my H and I were separated and I wanted to tell him our good news that we are back together, but he is AWOL.

Gotta run, hubby almost home. It's Friday and it's happy hour somewhere!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

(This post never posted when intended....November 2011)Same old shit, different day

Well it's been 9 days since I last heard from Mickey. Yep, same shit, different day. He's not responding to any of my texts nor answering his phone, not calling me back. WTF here we go again. I'm in major withdrawal and I'm a bitch to live with right now. Thankfully my hubby understands and has been very sweet. I hate this, hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it. Maybe I'll be done with Mickey for good after this. He's done this to me so many times I can't count--and I always take him back.

We were just having the most amazing conversation before the ignoring started--he was seriously talking about moving here! We were making concrete plans. No lie. It was amazing. Then my hubby and I took a small trip and it was amazing--I'll blog about it next time (kids home from Easter break--I gotta write fast!) but Mickey wrote me the whole time. It was great.

Something must've happened in his head or in his life two days after we got back from our trip.

Making up for lost time!

With the exception of one night where I made my hubby PROMISE me "no sex!!" because I was SO sore, we have had sex every single day since we reconciled, sometimes twice a day! We have been definitely making up for lost time! It has been wonderful. After all these years, I realized the difference between "making love" and "having sex", and I think for a long time, all we've really had is "sex".

I always thought merely by having sex with my husband, it was "making love", and having sex with other people was the opposite--just "having sex". If I loved my husband, I was "making love" to him, and if I was just merely "fond" of my other sexual partners, I was "having sex". Until this happened, the INFIDELITIES, this is how I thought.

How wrong I was.

I can't remember my hubby ever being THIS passionate! His kisses are MORE tender, his gaze more focused on making eye contact with me while lovemaking. It is more than sex. It is primal, fulfilling, emotional, intimate. I feel a connection with him I don't think I've really felt in a long, long time. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have always loved having sex/making love with my husband, but it hasn't been this deep emotionally since, well, maybe our honeymoon......19 years ago???

Why now? Why is it suddenly THIS GOOD??? It may be because we've just gone to hell and back. It may be because we have back that feeling of new romance that everyone can identify with. When you first fall in love and you can't get enough of each other. Everything is magnified: lips softer, eyes bluer, skin more sensitive to the slightest touch. Candles flicker warmer, music seems more hypnotic, the fabric of the sheets more sensual. Everything is magnified.

And we have the luxury now of time. Our kids are teens, and are often at friends' houses overnight, or out with their friends or one of our kids has a job. We have more "alone time" than we have had since we were first married. We can finish conversations we start without interruptions, we can watch a TV show without having to get up 16 times to feed/diaper a child; tend to; /answer questions/fix a meal/go look at a bug/wow the cat just brought in a mouse/there's a spider on my wall/etc. etc. etc. It's been awesome!!!!!!

It feels good.

Monday, June 25, 2012


I woke up yesterday, both of us backwards on my bed, sore and hungover. I looked over and saw my naked hubby, backwards as well, his sexy body still and partially covered by the sheets. Last night really did happen! That's when I saw the enormous hickey on his neck--damn, it was the best hickey I'd given since high school!! I giggled. I grabbed my pillow and swung it around so I was facing the right way. I was disoriented and a little nauseous. I fell back asleep happy.

He had set up a date for us and made all the arrangements. Even childcare for our kids so they'd be gone for the night! I knew he had sex on the brain, and he must've known I was thinking the same thing.

I was a little apprehensive. Was this what I really wanted? Am I ready for this? If I have sex with him, what does this mean? Does this mean he thinks I've forgiven him? Does this mean he moves back into our bedroom? I felt like I needed to know the answers to all of this before I slept with him again. After not having had a shred of intimacy for the last nine weeks, to just jump into bed without thinking about the consequences seemed really immature and dangerous.

I didn't have time.

I worked the morning shift at the bar, ran to the mall to try to find something cute and new to wear, ran home, barely had time to do my nails and shower. I texted my girlfriend my concerns and she said, "just go with it. Relax and enjoy." So I decided to do just that. I didn't find a dress at the mall but instead chose a $300 Guess dress I bought years ago that still had the tags on it. I had never had an opportunity to wear it; tonight was the night. I did buy a new pair of 5 inch stillettos that looked very sexy. He loved them.

It was a little awkward. I did hold his hand, and his huge smile was just the reassurance I needed. I knew that every little thing I did was huge in his mind and heart, so I didn't need to worry. We valet parked at a 5 star hotel here, had dinner at the swanky place inside, and then the concert venue was close by so we walked there. He got tickets to one of our favorite bands (how sweet eh?), Keane. They have this amazing hypnotic music that's romantic and sexy, and we play it over and over while we take our baths. He knew this band would trigger happy memories for me, and a way to make new ones. I let him give me a deep sexy kiss in the elevator, his body pressed up against mine. He grinded his hard cock against my pelvis as he kissed me; it felt amazing. I knew then I wanted him as well.

The concert was amazing. We both cried during a few special songs to both of us. It was magical. After the concert, we walked back to the hotel where they had a chocolate bar! That was so decadent! A glass of pinot noir and some chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows, and we were in heaven. We talked about getting a room, but decided it would be more enjoyable to be at home. After all, he had replaced our marital bed with a brand-new $4000 bed he had never slept in. I was eager to share it with him.

We held hands on the way home, and made goo-goo eyes at each other. When we walked into the house, he didn't assume we would have sex. He assumed he'd go back to the guest room where he's lived the last 2 months, and I'd go into "my" bedroom. We walked upstairs, and had that awkward moment at the top of the staircase landing where it's been like that for two months. But this time would be the last time; the last awkward moment at the top of the stairs. I took his hand and smiled, and guided him to our bedroom.

I let him put his hands on my legs, and they made their way up to my panties, up under my dress. He felt me all the way up, and caressed the breasts he'd fantasized about touching again; my slim waist he thought he'd never feel again. He then grabbed the dress and pulled it over my head as fast as he could. Just like in the movies. It was very hot! I love it when he takes charge, and I let him. By this point, his shirt was off, and I was admiring his skinny body and new tattoos. I loved that he got them just for me; his whores never got to see this sexy guy. They got the broken, pathetic guy he used to be. The tattoos signify the man he's becoming for me. How could I not be turned on??

Like my BFF said, I relaxed and enjoyed. It was amazing. I slapped him in the face several times, and he let me. He knew he deserved it. We were animals; we hurt each other and healed each other as we made love. It was nine weeks since we'd touched, after 22 years of being together and having the most incredible sex life of anyone we know. He hurt me deeply, he strayed. I have not forgiven him really, but I am understanding how broken he was. I am willing to give him another chance with my heart, because he's earning it back every day.

We even made our dog bark and whimper. He was locked in our daughter's empty room, and heard our lovemaking. It was primal and animal, and he was desperate to either save one of us or attack us. Thank God he was locked in there! We couldn't help but laugh at his cries. When we were done, we let him out and reassured him everything was ok. He laid down on the landing, assured all was well. We giggled. We fell asleep happier than we had in 5 months, and slept better as well.
My hubby also woke up backwards, and his stirrings woke me. My head was by his feet, and I was admiring his sexy tush. He really has a great ass. He stared at me, smiling, and grabbed his pillow and swung it around next to mine. I couldn't believe the last 12 hours. Neither could he. He just took my face in his hands and said his dreams came true, that I would come back to him. We cried and then he ravished me again, climbing on top of me and devouring my neck and nipples as he rammed his big dick into me again and again. Nine weeks of desire built up. And last night was only the appetizer.

After we both came, we laid there in each other's arms, vulnerable and spent. He was just overcome with joy that I'm giving him another chance. He said he will never stop regretting the pain he caused me, and will spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to me. Why wouldn't I give this man another chance?? I know he truly means it.

He acknowledges we still have a long road ahead of us. It won't always be easy. There are triggers for me everywhere; we are seriously looking to sell this house and start over. Maybe even move back to California. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make me happy. He is a changed man. The thing is, he is becoming who I thought he already was. He has a lot of shit to work through, but he's on his way.

He brought me coffee in bed, we read the Sunday paper like old times together. It felt soooo good. He asked me, "What do you want to do today?" and I only had one thing in mind.

"Get your things out of the guest room. Put everything back in our room." His eyes welled with tears, and we hugged tightly. The past is going to stay in the past, and it's time to build a better present, because now I believe we have a future together.

It was the best weekend we'd had in nine weeks. And today is Monday, and I'm sitting here writing all this down, not wanting to forget any of it.

I am happy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still no sex--going on 9 weeks now

Well hello everyone, sorry I've been AWOL for some time now. Things have been really shitty with me and my hubby, but I think I've turned a corner this week. Thank you to those of you who've written and asked about how I'm doing, how we are doing. I do have another blog I've been devoting my time to, and I need to keep that just for me. It's how I process what I'm going through and for now this really isn't that platform for that. I don't want the focus of this blog to be that kind of pain LOL

It's been a little over 5 months since I found out my hubby had cheated on me with one woman, and after leading me on for three months that "that's all, I've told you everything" he finally came clean with affairs with two other women. It's been hell. I don't want to go into any more detail here, but suffice it to say, when he did, I wanted badly to kick him out but I just couldn't. I don't know why. But I did kick him out of our bedroom, all his clothes and everything and he's still living in our guest room down the hall. No sex, no intimacy of any kind. I have hugged him twice and gave him a peck on the cheek at bedtime a few nights ago.

But I do miss him. He is a sexy motherfucker. He is looking better and better to me every day.

I am just about ready to take him back.

It's been a long road to get here. Marriage counseling, both of us in individual counseling, and thousands of hours talking, yelling, screaming, and more talking.

We plan to resume our open marriage when he has practiced not lying longer than he's practiced lying. I am going to delete the posts that included threesomes with two of these whores as I found out he had had one-night stands with them prior to including me in threesomes with them. Not good. I don't want to re-live those experiences on paper, it's bad enough they are in my head. They don't turn me on anymore, they turn my stomach.

Thank you for your concern and patience. Hope if you're reading this you are actively honest in your life in every way, and holding yourself accountable for all your actions.

AND USE CONDOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna XO

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No sex=no fun=who cares???

Hey everyone, sorry to be such a debbie-downer these days. Life sucks. My life sucks right now. It's been three months I've been in hell now and it doesn't look like I'll be out of it anytime soon. Hubby and I are in counseling and things are not going well. I am not going to go into details here; this isn't the forum for it (I actually have started another blog about this touchy subject) but suffice it to say, I ain't having any sex these days and actually don't even miss it. Have you ever gone on an abstinence kick, self-induced or otherwise, and found you really didn't miss it?

This fact actually surprises me. Between my lovers and my hubby, I'd say I get more sex than most people. We have had a VERY active sex life. Like bunny rabbits. So, we've gone without sex now for over 2 weeks, and it would've been longer had I known he was still lying to me about some things he shouldn't have been lying about. He's in the dog house for sure, and he ain't getting no pussy for awhile. He needs to be punished and that's what I'm doing --punishing him. He's not even sleeping in our bed right now. I should get a whip and whip his ass till it's black and blue. Make him cry out he'll never cheat on me again. Maybe then I'll be ready to forgive him and get back together.


Friday, April 13, 2012

I've been in hell, sorry i haven't posted in a while

Hello my dear readers, yes, you read that right, I've been in HELL for 10 weeks now. My hubby and I are having some serious marital problems. That's all I'm going to say on that subject. It's put a hold on our swinging lifestyle and yes, it hasn't been fun at all. I had to tell my two lovers I can't see them anytime soon. I miss them! They text me to check in from time to time but the answer is still the same, not yet. Sorry.

Let me just add this folks--for any of you married folk considering opening up your marriage the way we did--PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reconsider. If only ONE of you is truly 'open", it's NOT an open marriage.

The whole idea of an open marriage is a marriage where both people can have sex with other people. The kicker is, YOU HAVE TO TELL YOUR SPOUSE BEFORE ANYTHING HAPPENS WITH OTHER PEOPLE. You have to let the other person know when you find someone attractive, you should be comfortable telling them. If you want to meet that person, have lunch or drinks or kissing or sex, YOU ADMIT IT BEFORE ANYTHING HAPPENS. Anything less than that is called CHEATING PEOPLE.

Traditional (monogamous) couples know that if one of them is kissing another person, you have broken your wedding vows. If you have sex with someone else, you have broken your vows. If you have an open marriage and do these things without telling your spouse, you have broken your vows. It's no different. You have to honor each other and the committments you have made.

Only one of us truly was capable of having an open marriage. And you can tell from this post, that person is me. I kept honest and true to my marriage and the rules of conduct within an open marriage.

I implore other married couples to do some REAL soul-searching, and maybe some counseling, before opening up your marriage to include other people.

I wish I had.

Anna XO

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Third times' a charm--another hot afternoon with Adam!

I met Adam at the door freshly showered, hair and make-up done, wearing only a matching red-heart bra and boy-panty set. He had come straight from his graveyard shift job as a mechanic; it was 1:00 in the afternoon. Perfect. My house empty, kids in school, hubby at work, we were all alone. I couldn't wait to get him out of his black jeans, black shirt, and those scrumptious plaid boxers he always wears.

He is always so happy to see me. A big hug and juicy kiss is what he gives me first. I take off his black NY Yankees ballcap first: I give him such a hard time cuz it drives me crazy. He wears it backwards, tucking in his long, soft, gorgeous blonde hair under it. He is such a contrast. He dressed like this tough rocker dude but he's really as good-looking as an Abercrombie model. (with tattoos, that is). He's about 5-11, thin but not skinny, muscles but not bodybuilder crazy. He has pretty green eyes and a little scruff on his face, and this really, really, really beautiful blonde hair. It's stick-straight, and soft as a baby's. He has perfectly straight, perfectly white teeth, perfect lips, and his tongue is double-pierced. Wicked good looks and wickedly sexy. By the way, did I mention he's 26 years old??? Almost half my age. Mmmm.

I don't waste any time and tell him to take off his shoes at the door and let's head upstairs. I take him by one hand, the other holding a glass of Chardonnay. Yes, it's 1:00 in the afternoon and I'm drinking Chardonnay. My dog checks him out as does one of my cats; he talks to them and pets them and tells me he loves animals. I laugh and say, "My dog approves of you! Guess I'll let you upstairs!" He laughed and followed me up to my boudoir. 

I like how at ease I am around him; I love the way he talks. He talks about himself, about anything that pops in his head. I know more about him than I know about Mickey, who I've known for 8 years now. Yes, 8 years now. I've known Adam for less than 2 months. I love the way he'll talk about anything and everything. Like his tattoos, he wears his heart on his sleeve and tells me everything. 

We entered my bedroom and he plops right down on the bed, on his back, arms behind his head like he owns the fucking place. I wonder if he ever really thinks about the fact that he's in another man's bed. 

I sat near him on the bed and we chatted for almost an hour. I really enjoy being with him. He's a simpleton; not a complicated fellow at all, very easy-going and comfortable in his own skin. And I love the way he teases me and makes me laugh. I had to keep checking the time cuz I had to go to work at 3 unfortunately! I knew we didn't have much time together. I wanted to make the most of it. 

I love this part--the taking off of the clothes! I started to take off his belt and he helped; very sexy. I love watching a man undress. I love helping a man undress! He was down to his red plaid boxers and I marveled at his beautiful body.  I couldn't wait to taste him.

I put my now empty wine glass down on my nightstand and just climbed on top of him. I swayed my long hair over his face and chest and he giggled. I love the way he spanks me--hard! He kissed me deep and juicy, that pierced tongue just making me crazy. He put his hands on my hips and I dry-humped him, mmmm, yummy, feeling his hard cock under me. I wanted him so badly. 

I swished my breasts in his face for his admiration and he kissed and caressed them approvingly. I loved it. I loved kissing him and he seems to love kissing me. He undid my bra so he could enjoy them fully, and slipped off my panties. I was ready for him but there was still too many fun things to do first. I nibbled his neck, and enjoyed the banquet laid out for me. He is delicious. I took his cock in my mouth and stayed down there long enough to nearly make him come. I was aware of how his fingers and hands were lightly stroking my back the entire time. It felt loving, and I realized I a shift in my feelings for him. A crush maybe? I then slurped out his cock noisily and he giggled. We kissed and I knew I wanted him inside me. But not yet!

I slid off him and laid down next to him, and got my little bottle of lube. I playfully dripped it on his hard cock and he loved it. I stroked him while he fingered my pussy and it felt soooo good. Yum yum. Unfortunately, I was too aware of the time and couldn't really relax. By this time I had to leave for work in 20 min. It was time to get busy.

I climbed on top of him again and he slid himself inside me. No condoms for us--remember last week we agreed to be each other's "only".  Mmmm it felt so good. I love fucking him. He's got this amazing move he calls the "jackhammer" and it's amazing. No other guy has ever fucked me like that. He holds me really tight in his arms, and fucks so fast and hard I just scream in ecstasy. He does it over and over with like  15 seconds stop in between. It's so awesome. He's like the Energizer Bunny, I swear!

He flipped me over sweetly and got on top of me, and did his jackhammer move again and again. It felt so fucking great. He came so softly I actually had to ask if he came! I wasn't satisfied; I hadn't had an orgasm. He said, "you're phone alarm's going off" and I knew I had to get dressed and get to work. FUCK!!!!!!! So we hurried up and dressed and downstairs we flew. We chatted at the door about nothing and kissed another long juicy pierced tongue kiss. Yummm! He spanked me again and smiling ear to ear, we said bye to one another and he was gone. 

I wonder if my nosy neighbor was watching his truck peel out of the driveway! I don't even care. Oh, and I was 12 minutes late to work; messy hair, smeared mascara, and a big ol' huge fucking grin.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Slut level goes up--second new hottie in one week!

From the moment our eyes locked as I took his coat from him, I knew Adam would be spending the night with me. He was better looking in person than his profile pic--yay! and he just had an easy smile and comfort in his own skin that was making my heart beat faster. I couldn't wait to be taking off his pants instead.
Every time someone new had come to the door for our pre-New Year's Eve party my heart leapt--my new hottie Adam was coming! We hadn't even met yet but I had invited him anyway. What a brazen slutty thing to do! My hubby was fine with it--he was excited too to see who I had chosen for my new sex partner. Hew knew he would be young and fit and very good looking; I tend to be extremely picky and will go for long periods of abstinence (with guys other than my hubby) if I don't meet anyone who meets my standards.

I had found Adam on the dating website; his sexy physique and handsome face caught my attention amidst the hundreds of pics and emails I get on a weekly basis. He was tall and had glasses (I love a sexy dork!), lots of tattoos, slender and a pretty-boy face.  24 years old. His message was simple and sweet-"Hey beautiful, how are you today?" I responded, "Better now that I got this email from you!" and gave him my phone number. He texted me right away. We clicked immediately and I felt at ease with him. He was just the right amount of flirtatious and sweet, not at all creepy. (I can tell creepy from texting, yes). In other words, he seemed interested in me-the-person, not just someone to fuck and forget.

We had an intimate group of friends from my work, mostly 20-somethings and I hoped he'd fit right in. I was actually surprised he said he'd come to the party--he didn't know anyone, barely even me. What a great attitude! I was impressed. I do like a little bit of arrogance, I think it's sexy to have that much confidence.

He had let himself in as most of the guests had; it was snowing out and we didn't want anyone standing on the porch freezing while they waited for someone to open the door. Every time I heard the door close, I'd run over to greet my guests, take their coats, and get them something to drink. I was so excited to meet him.  When he was actually standing there, I didn't hesitate to clip-clop over in my stilettos to greet him. With a big smile and eager eyes, the chemistry between us was instantaneous, and I knew the evening would end with us naked together.

It was awkward at first, but the sexual tension is always fun. I love the anticipation; and it was only around 8:30 and the party was just getting going. There were about 15 people, and I played the good hostess, making sure the food was attractive and available and everyone had a drink in their hand. My hubby had made a cool music playlist that was just perfect. Everyone seemed to stay in the kitchen and I was happy seeing everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. Especially my hubby, who had to put up with my new boytoy and the discomfort and erotic tension having him in our house, among our friends. Only one person other than my hubby knew who he really was; everyone else thought he was just a groupie that we'd met at one of our shows. I don't really have groupies, but Adam said he'd be happy to tell people that's how we met. Being a singer in a rock band allows me to have friends like Adam and not have people bat their eyes for a second.

He seemed to be getting along well with a couple of other young guys, so I pretty much left him alone so it wouldn't be obvious we knew each other well; as if I had brought him so he could meet one of the pretty young girls there. Hahaha, no, he was mine, all mine. And he behaved himself so well. I never saw him flirting or even talking to anyone other than guys the whole night, and he only had one beer. I did enjoy teasing him and teasing myself; as my intake of martinis rose, I got braver and friskier. He was leaning against the granite island in my kitchen, and I walked up to him and pressed my pelvis against his, holding my martini. He looked at me with a sly grin, and I asked him, "How are you doing?" "Fine!" he answered, and put his hand on my hip. I was smiling and said, "Good! I'm glad!" and pulled away from him. Mmm I was already getting wet for him. I couldn't wait for everyone to leave so I could take him upstairs and take our clothes off. I sidled up to my hubby after that to check and make sure he was okay too. A sexy gleam in his eye, a grab and a kiss, and he whispered in my ear, "Let's get rid of everyone so you can have your boytoy." Great idea!

By about 2:00 am, our party had dwindled to a small group of about 5 really fun, mostly drunk friends. One was sober and the designated driver, so they all finally left. Only me, my hubby and Adam, and  one other person was still hanging out, my boss. The one I play tennis with occasionally and have had a crush on. He was way beyond inebriated, so my hubby made up a spot on the couch for him. I was so focused on getting Adam upstairs I actually forgot he was there. I was tipsy myself but not drunk. Just happy tipsy, the best kind.

I took Adam by the hand and led him upstairs to the guest bedroom. It's a very pretty room I keep clean for guests--hee hee, usually the young, male kind! My hubby walked upstairs with us; he winked at me  and slapped me hard on my ass and told me to go fuck my new boyfriend. I smiled and said, "As you wish Master", and he went to our room to wait for me to finish with my new hottie.

Adam and I walked hand-in-hand to the guest room, and as soon as we got there, he started unbuttoning his black shirt. I only had on a tight dress, no zippers, so I just kicked off my stilettos and helped him. This is just about my favorite part. Off came the dress shirt, then the white T-shirt underneath, which revealed a smooth, bare chest with just a few sexy tattoos. Before I undid his belt, I wanted to touch his body. There was no rush. He began to kiss me and he was a great kisser. I slid my hands around his torso and pulled him close and grinded my hips to his, rubbing his growing erection with my pelvis.  He kissed me deeply and passionately; mmmm a prelude to the great sex I knew was about to happen.

As we kissed, I couldn't wait another second to let his cock out. I undid his belt, and rubbed his hard cock through his boxers. Mmmm I love to tease myself. He felt so good and as I rubbed him he kissed me and kissed me. He was great with his tongue; and I didn't realize it till then that he had a double tongue piercing. It was so sexy! I'd never kissed anyone who had their tongue pierced, and his was double-pierced, so it was double sexy. He was clearly enjoying himself and so was I.

I pulled his pants down mid-kiss, and he stepped out of them. It was time to get THIS party started! He walked over to the bed and laid down on his back. I slipped out of my dress to reveal a sexy leopard strapless bra and lavender lace boy-short panties. Admiring my new outfit, he smiled and pulled me onto him for some more pelvis grinding and deep kissing. I could kiss him all night and never get enough, I thought, as he undid my bra and tossed it to the floor. I was so wet and ready for him, but the anticipation was so much fun.

Finally I grabbed his boxers at the hips and pulled them off. His cock was at full salute and I was hungry for a taste. I started at his neck and kissed and nibbled and bit lightly, teasing him, while my body was grazing his throbbing cock. He was so ready for me.  Down his chest my tongue went, tasting his beautiful young body, down his tummy. I rubbed his cock with my hand while I tasted his sweet flesh, and made my way down to his testicles and sucked and licked them. He writhed in ecstasy; it was so gratifying to know I was pleasing him. His back was arched and his hips went up and down in pleasure as I sucked and licked his balls, then up to his dick. Mmmm he was delicious. I realized then that he wasn't that big--I actually could take his entire penis in my mouth and not gag. I liked it! After B with his 10 incher it was a pleasure to not have a plunger down my throat. I liked that he was smaller and I could really please him.

I then laid down next to him and our bodies were so warm against each other. It was erotic, knowing there was 2 feet of snow outside and we were sweating. He fingered me like a magician and I came so fast and hard. I love how I can relax now and let other guys make me cum. I remember when I couldn't and only my hubby was capable of bringing me to orgasm. Not anymore!  It was my new mission--to have an orgasm with every new lover. So far I was 3 for 3!

I'd had an entire evening of foreplay. Now it was time to fuck him. I leaned over to the nightstand where I'd brought a couple of condoms, and opened one up. I think this part is so sexy. I put it over his hard cock and he flipped me gently onto my back and fucked me so hard. He had this hard fucking move he called "the jackhammer" and it was just like it sounds. Hard, fast, and nonstop. Even though he was smaller, fucking still felt just as great.

I just love how these young guys can fuck and fuck and fuck for so long and not come. I got a text from my hubby--who was just down the hall remember--and he seemed upset. "Seems you're not coming back to me tonight huh?" I realized more than an hour and a half had passed! I texted him back, "Of course I am baby! He's not done with me yet." My hubby texted me back, "Well, make him cum. I'm tired of waiting." So I knew I had to wrap things up with him.

We changed positions quite a few times, and I've learned the 'money shot" seems to be doggie style. And guys always want it, so I showed him my ass and that's all it took. Crouched on all fours on the bed, he shoved his dick in my pussy and did his "jackhammer" move and I grabbed the comforter in my hands and moaned into it. It didn't hurt as badly as when Mr. Passionate or B fucked me doggie-style cuz he wasn't as large but it was a relief. It felt good without pain (although pain can be so pleasurable...) He must've fucked me that way for at least a half hour if not longer, but finally, he shot his load into me and laid on his back, his arm tucked around me.

I took off the condom for him and laid it on the nightstand. I wanted to fall asleep that way, protective and sweet and loving, but my hubby needed attention. We nuzzled and chatted a little; I apologized I couldn't spend the night with him, that my hubby wanted me, but if he'd like to spend the night I'd come back and fuck him in the morning. Our kids were at friends' houses overnight and wouldn't be back till afternoon. He said he though he was probably going to go home. We kissed and said our goodbyes and I let him know how much I enjoyed him and would definitely want him again. He agreed, and I left him laying there and went to my hubby. I felt exhilarated and sad.

My hubby was tucked under the covers, naked, his cock hard and ready. "I listened outside your room", he told me. "I heard you fucking him. It was so hot!" He fucked me for like 3 minutes and came so hard; he was so aroused he couldn't hold it back another second. It was awesome. I love it when he wants me that badly he can't stand it.

I heard Adam say, "Bye" as I saw a glimpse of him in the dark pass by our room. I wish he'd joined us for more. I wondered how he felt, sharing me the way he did. Well, he got me first, and he got the best of me, that's for sure.

My hubby and I fell asleep, wrapped in each other's arms. It was a GREAT party.
 BTW, Adam and I have a date for Thursday. My house, 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon.

I can't wait.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mr. Passive earns a new nickname on our 2nd date!

I was getting so turned on waiting for Mr. Passive to come to my house and fuck me, I decided to play a little dress-up and take some pics of myself to send to him. I put on white stockings, a blue and white polka-dotted garter, matching bra and stilettos. Makeup and hair turned out sexy, I felt sexy, and started snapping away. (I will post a couple of these for you as soon as I can). A sexy pic of my stockinged legs. Sent to him in a text. 'I'm ready for you", I wrote. "Hot babe!" he answered, then, "I'm 10 minutes away." I sent him two more, just to tease him. He loved them. "Shit babe I'm trying to drive!" he LOL'd me. "I"m going to crash!" haha good. Just the effect I wanted.

I told him to park where he did last time--a spot just outside the first garage door of my house. In complete view of my nosy neighbor unfortunately, since there's really no other spot other than the cul de sac which is covered in snow at the moment. Fortunately, he always shows up in a nice suit, so if she ever got nosy, I'd just tell her the "truth"--he's our financial planner! (he IS one, just not ours....not yet anyway!)

I saw him drive up in his pretty blue Mercedes and my heart started pounding in my chest. I was glad we'd already gone through the whole meeting-in-public thing last time and brought him back here. He was familiar now, and I knew he was gentle and sweet, and very good in bed. I was practically panting when he came to the door, and as soon as we said our "hi's" and my dog checked him out and gave his approval, he just held me and kissed me. It wasn't a perfunctory "hello kiss", no, this was a very long, very sexy juicy kiss.  I was almost uncomfortable; I was used to guys who were more like "wham, bam thank you ma'am" than someone so tender. I kissed him passed the discomfort and realized how much I was enjoying kissing him. I couldn't help myself and grabbed him by his hips and pulled him as close to me as possible, feeling his growing erection on my groin.  I can't remember the last time anyone ever kissed me like that! Thinking about it later it reminded me of the first time a boy french kissed me at age 16 at a party; it seemed to go on forever but was so enjoyable I knew I never wanted to stop.

I'm sure I was the one who finally stopped the kiss--I wanted to get him upstairs and naked! I had put on a dress and blouse over my matching bra and garter set and wanted to strip for him. He knew what was on underneath because of the pics I'd sent and commented that he loved my strappy heels. He's short--probably 5'9"--but I'm tiny and only about 5'6"with heels so the kissing put our bodies in the perfect alignment.  I was ready for him and couldn''t wait another second.

We broke apart and giggled like teenagers, shy and embarrassed. Holding hands, I led him upstairs to the bedroom I share with my husband. He and I've been in this bed before, and I couldn't wait to have him again.

He took off his suit jacket and started loosening his tie. I love this part. The anticipation. I love undressing each other and stripping down. I helped him, and when he had his dress shirt and tie off, shoes and socks off, he coyly looked at me and said, "do the pants come off too?" I smiled and bit my lip and said, "oh yes!" and proceeded to unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants--my VERY favorite thing in the world to do--and slip his pants off. He had on a hilarious (to me) pair of undies--tighty camouflage ones and I cracked up. "Very cute!" I told him. He laughed too. He took off my blouse for me and I pulled my skirt off and revealed the sexy bra and garter belt for him. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me close to him and as he started to kiss me again, moaned, "very hot, girl!"

I loved kissing him, and I loved how he wasn't the grabby, "get to the action" kind of guy. He was sweet, and slow, and that's why I named him Mr. Passive. It's probably not a very good name anymore; I think I may call him Mr. Passionate instead. Because he is SO passionate. He seems to have sex more like making love than raw sex. It's soooo nice. I feel comfortable and safe with him, and always want more. And the best thing about kissing is it turns me on, like a light switch and I'm ready to go.

He laid on his back on my bed, stretched out and held out his arms like he owned the fucking thing. Did he even think about the fact that he was in another man's bed? With another man's wife? It sure didn't seem like he gave a fuck. And why should he? I was here. I had my husband's permission to have him here, in OUR bed. He was laid out like a fabulous piece of filet mignon at the butcher's--and I was buying the whole fucking cow. I was salivating at the sight of his small but hard muscular physique and those sparkling blue eyes staring at me. 

With garter belt and heels still on, I straddled him and grinded my vagina on his hard cock as I kissed him. He allowed me to do whatever I wanted, and goodnaturedly just laid there and let me take charge. I was so hungry I didn't know where to begin! I loved the way he watched everything I did; I took my mouth off his lips and nibbled his neck, which he seemed to really respond to. His hips started rocking under me and I was so wet already I could've just pulled off those silly undies of his and stuck his dick in me, but I didn't. I was enjoying the build-up.

I sucked and nibbled and licked his neck, and with my tongue, slowly licked him down his chest and teased his tummy. I love a man's tummy. It's soooo sexy, and I hadn't realized it before but he's got 6-pack abs. I love how right under a man's tummy is that beautiful little pleasure trail that leads to the treasure! Mmmmm yummy. I could only barely smell his cologne and as I mouthed his tummy, I breathed in his manly smells. I was so hungry for him. 

I used my mouth to tease his cock through his silly undies. I love seeing a hard cock through undies. It's so sexy. I love to tease myself and delay seeing a man's cock by playing with it through our clothes. I think total nakedness isn't as sexy as leaving on just a little bit of clothing--like you're just too horny to bother taking all your clothes off! But Mr. Passionate (his new name, remember) leaned over and took my bra off and started to play with my breasts as I sucked his cock through his underwear. I smiled at him, and put my breasts in his face to suck on and I once again straddled him and grinded his cock with my crotch. I could feel my pussy dripping I was so turned on. I couldn't wait to have him inside me.

I gently pulled his undies off and finally let his big hard cock out. I playfully teased it by letting my long, soft hair swish over it. I love doing that! His cock twitched in approval and I finally took it in my mouth and gave him the blowjob he was hungry for. I love giving oral sex on a guy so I stay down there a long time; not like so many girls who just do a perfunctory few licks. I licked and sucked him till he nearly came, then I pulled my mouth off. He gave me a big smile and grabbed me by my hips and pulled me onto him again for some more deep-mouthed kissing. Mmmm yummy. I pulled myself apart, sat up, and reached for a condom. It was time. 

Putting a condom on is so fucking sexy. I love the whole part of it---holding the package in my hand, tearing it open, and especially putting it on. Even buying them is fucking sexy. You and the clerk just know what you're going to do with them and I find that a huge turn-on. So I slowly tore it open, took the pale, limp condom out, and loving put it on the tip of his cock and together he and I smoothed it over his hard dick. Mmmmm so fucking sexy! More than not using a condom, it says blatantly, "fuck me now!" So that's what I did. 

I put that condom-covered hard cock of his inside me and being on top, my other favorite, fucked him hard while he just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. I wanted to show him I am no slouch. I'm not one of those girls that just lays there; oh no, I enjoy taking charge. I was his cowgirl and he was my pony and I loved riding him. Mmmm. It was the dead of winter outside but I got so sweaty fucking him I stopped to open a small side window and let in some fresh, cool winter air. It felt so good.

He was clearly enjoying watching me on top of him and letting me do the work. I was getting tired and he sensed it; he gently flipped me on my side and then onto my back. I couldn't believe how long this guy could fuck me without coming. I love love love fucking these young guys; they don't get tired easily and neither do I. He just fucked me and fucked me, and it felt amazing. He sometimes held me close and other times he'd kind of sit up. We were getting so sweaty, which I absolutely love. Hot and passionate and sweaty. We then laid side by side; I dripped lube on his throbbing cock and rubbed it and he fingered my clit till I came. I remembered how I couldn't ever cum with any guy other than my hubby; now my goal was to cum with every guy or girl I sleep with. I came so fast; i hoped he knew how turned on I was.

I wasn't in a hurry like last time--I didn't have to go to work but I did have to pick up one of my kids from school, so when I got an opportune moment, I reached over and checked my phone for the time. I couldn't believe we'd been fucking for more than an hour! We both said we were doing fine on time. It was time to change position again. He was going for the cum shot--we had texted about it and I told him to "surprise me." I love watching a man cum, he didn't always have to cum inside me, so I was really excited what he was going to choose.

He flipped me over, gently again, and wanted me doggy style. I like this position but it's not my favorite cuz for some reason, if it goes on too long, it makes me feel like I have to pee so it's kind of uncomfortable, especially if the guy is big, but I know guys just love fucking a girl from behind. I do like the way it hits my G-spot and it's pleasurable at the same time. As he's fucking me, just nonstop like a 24 year old would fuck, I'm grabbing the down comforter and screaming into it with every thrust.  After what seemed like an eternity--damn this guy could fuck and fuck forever--I had such a mix of pain and pleasure and I didn't know how much longer I could stand it--I felt him flick the condom off and cum all over my ass. My body collapsed down on the comforter and I released my grip on it. It was very erotic and I was exhausted and still turned on.

He was on his knees and holding the used condom; I sat up and took it from him and put it in the toilet (can't have kids finding it in trash!!!). I didn't flush it tho; I went back to him and we laid together, panting and sweaty. It was a beautiful sexy moment. We laid there, and he chatted, he was so awesome! I felt like we were really getting close. He was clearly comfortable with me. He didn't need to jump up and run out the door (like Mickey??? Hello??). He put his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder as he (mostly) talked about his job. He was confiding in me and I felt happy. I felt like I was getting what I always wanted from Mickey--not just a sex partner but a lover. Mickey never let me get close to him; eight years off and on together and he's still just a stranger. 

After at least 15-20 minutes, we both agreed it was time to go. We got dressed together--I had to go find something else to wear to pick up my kid--and he chatted the whole time. He is so comfortable in his skin and around me, and I feel the same way. I asked him if he wanted to shower before his next client, and he said no, just splashed some water on his face and ran his fingers through his short brown hair. I watched him, his blue eyes just gleaming in the mirror, and I noticed for the first time he had a small cleft in his chin. I felt warm all over just watching him.  I gave him a fluffy hand towel to dry his face and hands on. He said "thanks" sweetly and it felt good to be there with him, in the bathroom I share with my husband. Another man at HIS sink, using HIS faucet and soap. It was so sexy and naughty.

We walked downstairs together, and kissed at the door. It was a short kiss, but he said, "let me know when you're available...let's get together again soon!" I said I would, I definitely would. And with that, he walked away to his car, and I shut the front door, and giggled.

I texted my hubby--"He just left--are you on your way yet?" and he texted back, "around the corner baby!" I was already so sore from Mr. Passionate, but I knew my afternoon of sex wasn't over yet. My hubby was turned on from my slutty escapade and we still had an hour before my kid's school was out. I went back upstairs and put the bra and garter back on for my hubby, spritzed on some perfume, and heard the door open and close. I smiled thinking about the last two hours spent with another man, and how I was still turned on and couldn't wait to fuck my hubby. What a lucky woman I am!