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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The new year so far

Hello all you sexy peeps out there, what's up?? It's been like what, six months since I've posted on here??? WOW well not much to report I'm sad to say. With dealing with the aftermath of infidelity, we had to abandon our other sexual partners.


I still have my boyfriend Allen, on the back burner. He texts me from time to time, and it's always wonderful hearing from him. He's been busy improving his looks! He sent me a selfie, and ooh-la-la, what an improvement! He got rid of those god-awful yellow-tinted glasses and got contacts! And he got a decent haircut. I told him he looks just like that hot guy in "Sons of Anarchy", "Jax" (played by Charlie Hunnam). Check him out. That's my Allen. Fucking smoking hot. With the prettiest green eyes I've ever seen on a guy. And he's happy waiting for me. I told you, he doesn't have the biggest sexual appetite for someone so young. He's only 27! And he isn't dating anyone else. He just works, takes care of his younger brother and mom, bought a brand-new truck, and hangs out with his work buddies on the weekends. He's perfectly happy waiting for me. I think that's crazy.
But I know his personality, and I believe him. He's pretty introverted for someone so good-looking, and he's got that tough exterior, just like the actor on the show, and keeps everyone at arm's distance. And he's an auto mechanic, so the chances of meeting hot girls doesn't really happen I guess. I don't know. It wouldn't bother me a bit if he was dating someone else. In fact, it kind of bothers me that he doesn't, because I wish he was more sexual.

And Mickey is AWOL again. And I'm happy to say I don't really care anymore. I've been through SO much with my husband, he's just becoming an annoying little pest. Like a mosquito that you can't quite see but hear it buzzing around your ear when you're trying to sleep. You swat at it but it only goes away for a few minutes and just as you get comfortable, it's back. That's Mickey. 

The last time I heard from him was a three-word response from a text I'd sent him. I wished him a happy new year, and sure enough, immediately, the response text came, "Happy new year." That was it. December 31st. Haven't heard from him since. I sent him pics that night of me, selfies I thought I looked sexy and youngish in, told him I missed him and wished we were together on New Year's Eve and all, and NOTHING. NOTHING BUT CRICKETS. CHIRP CHIRP.

Then my birthday came and went, and I creeped on his Facebook (of which I am NOT a "friend" mind you) and there's this hot young girl who lives in Ohio (he's in Oregon remember??) and ON MY BIRTHDAY he commented on a pic of hers how much he "loves your hair" complete with a smily face emoticon.

That did it for me.

What an asshole. I've known him almost 10 years, and he forgot my birthday. Instead of wishing me a happy birthday, he's telling another girl how much he loves her hair. Well, you know what? Fuck you Mickey. I don't need you to tell me you love MY hair anymore. That's the best part of dealing with this shit with my husband. I am SO over needing a young guy to make me feel young and sexy anymore. I'm embracing who I am. I'm not trying to be younger anymore, just happy being the best I can be at where I'm at right now.

That doesn't mean I've let myself go. No, not at all. I'm still at the gym most days, between tennis and boxing and running, and swimming 2 miles. I'm in great shape. My life is going well. 

About two weeks ago, I had a deep, spiritual moment that caught me completely off-guard. I'd been dealing with my H and my issues surrounding all the lies and deceit and it had really been coming to a boiling point. I knew that I couldn't live the way I was living anymore, and I had to either choose to walk away, or re-commit to him in the way of forgiveness. I couldn't live another looking over my shoulder 24/7. Googling the whore and fearing her return. She was alive and well in every pore of my body 24/7. She occupied more space in my heart, brain and body than she deserved. I was miserable.

What pushed me over the edge was seeing something online that I'd completely forgotten about. Right after D-day (obviously) I had posted something very nasty (but 100% true) about her on a cheater's website. It's the kind of website where you post the name of someone who's betrayed you and publicly humiliate them. I'm not proud to say I did that, because first of all, it's irrevocable. It will be there forever, unless I'm willing to pay $500 to have her name removed. WHICH I AM NOT. LET THAT BE CLEAR. However, SHE can pay $500 to clear her name hahahha which she may do if she so chooses.

Was that wrong of me? Well, I didn't realize that it would be there forever. In my hour of extreme pain and desire for revenge, I vented. I wanted to hurt her just a fraction of how much she hurt me. And you know what??? Now I don't regret it one fucking bit nor do I feel much more than a tiny shoestring of guilt. Do you know why??? SHE COMMENTED BACK ON MY POSTING WITH A FAKE NAME, AND OUTED ME AND MY HUSBAND RIGHT BACK. Without our last names though thankfully, which I can only surmise she wasn't allowed to given the constrictions of the website. Only the original poster can do that. 

AND GUESS WHAT SHE SAID?? NOT "I'M SO SORRY, YOU DIDN'T DESERVE THAT.' Or anything remotely close to that. SHE SAID THAT IT WAS MY FAULT; I SHOULD'VE GIVEN MY HUSBAND SOMETHING TO COME HOME TO. And in her second posting (under her false name) she added, "AND DON'T FORGET I WAS SINGLE." Like that makes it better???!!!!

I literally began to shake when I read this. I almost passed out with anger and fear. When I calmed down, I realized that I don't know when she wrote that. I could've been immediately after I wrote what I did, and possibly, like me, she doesn't even remember it's out there. But even so, it proves that she has absolutely no remorse or regret whatsoever. It clarified to me that she's never really going to go away. She was a patient bitch; she waited 14 years to come back into my husband's life and she will come back again. GUARANTEED.

So I collected myself and thought very hard about what to do. I actually wrote to the website and begged them to remove her name. I felt afraid of her and wanted it all gone. They never responded, and when I investigated further, these types of websites are really horrendous, they never delete anything once it's posted. People can say anything they want and it will be there forever, unless you hire an attorney and sue them to have it removed. My only saving grace is, she publicly admitted she cheated with my husband and thinks she didn't do anything wrong. If anything, it's MY fault for him being attracted to her because I "didn't give" him "something to come home to." 

After calming down, the next day I confronted my H and we had about a 4-hour talk about "it", and the whore. Long story short (read my other blog for details) I was satisfied with his answers. I believed him. And the next day, after mediating, and doing a lot of hard core soul-searching, I realized, I forgive him. And when I told him that night, he sobbed, grateful tears of joy, like he's just won the lotto. And we've been doing great ever since.

I could write a book on forgiveness, but I'll tell you one thing---when a person is still in the anger and resentment phase, we don't want to hear how we ought to or need to forgive the person that's wronged us. We need someone to tell us we have a right to our pain. That we've been treated badly and need to grieve. Forgiveness isn't something that can be forced. If it is, it isn't genuine, and that old anger and resentment will creep back. That hasn't happened to me. That's how I know I was ready to forgive.

And so......things are great now. I get that forgiveness doesn't mean forget. How could I ever forget??? Unless I get dementia in my old age, I will never forget. I can't forget at bedtime, when the demon whore creeps out and reminds me of how she came into my home and fucked my husband behind my back. The declarations of love and deceit. The way she used me to get to him. The way they both used me to get to each other. It will never, ever go away. It is diminished, and I can calm myself down most of the time now. But it's there and it will always be there. It is written in stone on the story of our marriage. The "storybook" ending is forever gone.

I've come a long way. I can't even believe how smart, mature, and eyes-wide-open I am now. I see things so differently. I see the world so differently. And I'm not sure if the open marriage will ever be open again, but we are definitely open-minded about it. I don't accept things at face-value anymore. If anything, I've become shrewd and calculated about my personal being and no one will ever take advantage of me again. I would probably see it coming.

Will my husband ever cheat on me again? Is "once a cheater, always a cheater" true here? I cannot know this. Only time will tell. All I know is, he's been given a tremendous gift; the gift of a second chance. I'm all in. If he chooses to blow this opportunity, I will have no regrets. I will walk away with my head held high and know that I did everything I could to save this marriage. It takes two. 

And if he was still seeing/contacting her, this would be a non-issue. We'd be divorcing. I'm not stupid. In the last two years, he's shown me his remorse on a daily basis. He's still proving it daily. He's tattooed things on himself as daily reminders to be a better person. He says that guy who did those things is gone. The shame inside will live on, and it's either suicide or be better for the remainder of his life. I see the better man daily, and I love him. He's the father of my children, and he has earned my forgiveness. 

That being said....we did go to a Poly meet-up group here over the weekend and it was very interesting. Next post!

Now go have safe, honest, and exciting sex you sexy mutherfuckers!!!!! I love you all!