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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Awesome comment accidentally deleted.....and other stuff

I am a lamer and accidentally deleted a great comment by one of you amazing readers and hope you see this and don't mind writing it again for us. So from now on I'm changing the settings on this blog to let comments just publish themselves rather than going through me. I'm clearly technologically challenged. My sincerest apologies to the author.

Aside from my lameness.....

I love how some men can't stay away for long.....Jake---who did what immature Mickey could not do and that's let me know when he began dating someone seriously--decided last night to follow one of my Twitter accounts. My "safe" one! So that's fun. He looks amazing. In a suit. So I had to private message him how hot he looked. That was a fun surprise I woke up to this morning! And last night, I opened my iPad to read my book at bedtime and there was a message from guess who--Mister Ghost Alcoholic Jay who was on his Skype two hours earlier: "hey baby are you there?" What an ass. I ignored it. He's gonna have to try harder than "hey baby" three weeks after he ignored our evening plans and never responded. Fuck him.

I'm texting two other hotties right now that I "met" on OK Cupid; one's 19 and lives in New Jersey but his father lives nearby and he's planning a visit this summer so we will see if he lasts that long hahahahha. The other lives a lot closer and REALLY wants to meet me. I'm not sure if I'm as crazy about him as he is about me so I'm hesitant. BUT he passed a huge test by being only one of two guys who wished me a happy mother's day. He and Allen. He doesn't know it but that was huge. In the 10 years I've been involved with Mickey, he stopped wishing me happy birthdays and mother's day and most holidays years ago, except for Christmas and New Year's.

I have not heard from Mickey and have absolutely no desire to text or contact him at all. Even in my drunken moments!! LOL He and Jay were #1 and now they are last place. That's what I love about OK Cupid....the cute guys are out there and just waiting to meet someone like me who will show up and have a good time with them!

I'm getting a little bit of my swag back....the weather's been erratic but I've been running and hitting the gym much harder AND eating much healthier. I haven't lost but a pound but knowing I'm taking better care of myself I feel sexier and happier already.  I'm on this super-clean diet and I feel so much more energy already. Yay!!!


I still haven't found a woman to play with for my hubby.  I have been trying. I am learning that flakiness is not specific to the male gender. Women play games with me just as much. So frustrating.

Have a good weekend everyone! Stay honest and use those condoms!!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Douche bag alert

So we're trying out this "OK Cupid" dating website, and I'm not some doe-eyed newbie. I've done the "" and "Adult Friend Finder" dating websites, so I know how these things work. And I always say, hey, I'm easy, but I'm not THAT easy. 

So I met this guy on OKCupid, he's 24, lives near me and a complete hottie. We have been texting back and forth and agreed to meet this week. Last we spoke it was we would be checking our schedules and setting up a day and time to meet. So, this is where I sit back and see how interested the guy really is. If I have to be the first to text and convince him to meet me, it's not good. I wait for the text and then proceed. This is where it always stops. I swear I don't know what the fuck is wrong with these guys! Why the fuck are they even on these dating websites if they don't want to get laid??? What more does a girl have to do???

Case in point--this guy I'm talking about we'll call Mitch. So, a few days go by, and I'm waiting to see if he's going to make the first move to meet me. Two days ago I get this: "Yo". 

Yes, "Yo".

I did what any self-respecting girl would do. Ignore it.

A day later (yesterday) I was thinking about him, how hot he is and that I'd still like to get it on with him, and thought, "hmmm, he needs a little guidance here. I'll give it to him" and I wrote, "I really like you but I don't do "YO" lol" then a second text, "I'll give you another chance" with a kiss emoticon. You won't believe what he wrote back! "Pfff"
He's toast. I'm done. What an asshole.

I double-checked my reaction with my BFF and she reassured me what he did was disrespectful and at the very least crass. I told her, "I'm easy but shit if I allow "YO" and I haven't even met the guy????" She concurred. I said, "I'm not one of his "homies". I'm a lady. Just because I'm easy doesn't mean you can disrespect me. If I allow THIS, it will let him know I have absolutely no self-respect whatsoever." She agreed.

I laid in bed thinking about it all and imagined a conversation between him and a buddy about it.

Mitch: "Dude this hot girl totally blew me off. I'm so bummed. She was gonna meet me this week and fuck me."

Buddy: "Dude what happened?"

Mitch: "I have no idea."

Buddy: "Whadday mean you have no idea? What'd she say?"

Mitch: "Dude we were supposed to meet this week. I hadn't heard from her so I just texted her and next thing I know she's totally pissed off!"

Buddy: "Why would she be pissed off? Dude what did you say?"

Mitch: "I just wrote "yo" and she got totally pissed off"

Buddy: "You wrote "Yo"?? WTF? Seriously dude? OMG"

Mitch: "What's the problem? I write "Yo" all the time"

Buddy: "To ME you douche bag! You don't write a hot girl "Yo"!! What the fuck is wrong with you??"

Mitch: "Shit."

Buddy: "What did she say?"

Mitch: " She said, 'I really like you but I don't do "yo". I'll give you another chance" and she wrote this little kiss emoticon."

Buddy: "Shit you're one lucky sonofabitch. What did you write back? When are you meeting her??"

Mitch: "Meeting her? Fuck no! I wrote, "pfff" fuck her!"

Buddy: "You're an asshole and a douche bag. Do you know that?"

Mitch: "Fuck you too."

This is what I imagine happened. Makes me feel better anyway. Because regardless of his youth, his inexperience, I've been involved with guys younger than him that know how to treat a lady. And yeah, maybe I over-reacted, but I don't think so. 

Readers? What do you think?