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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our secret sex lives

Hey! A huge THANK YOU to all you sexy people who took the time to answer my Survey Monkey survey! It is SOOO fun reading everyone's responses. I'm humbled by the sheer number of responses as well as the answers to everyone's favorite sexual position--Doggy-style by a mile!!! Call me old-fashioned but I'm wondering if more guys are taking my survey than the ladies...?? I can't speak for anyone but myself but honestly, doggy-style in my opinion is more sexy for the guys. I personally like a sexual position where we are locking eyes, such as MY personal favorite, GIRL ON TOP!! (which came in second BTW...) Yes.......girl on top. MMMMM....oh sorry!!! I got sidetracked there for a second.....fantasizing.....

Sex is such a fun and secretive topic, and what's interesting also is how many of you aren't living in fear of being discovered for your kinky lifestyle. Maybe many of you don't have children like we do, or maybe you are just one of those free spirits that let's it all hang out. I envy you. I have realized that if we had started our marriage open and raised our kids openly and honestly from day one it would've been better. There's nothing more disturbing for a child than to be aware of his/her parents' sexual activity. (Well, the only thing more disturbing than that I suppose is thinking about one's own children's sexual activity....) But why should it be disturbing?? It shouldn't be. But sex is something we do in secret, and we all have our perversions, and most of us don't have a clue how to talk about sex with our children or our parents. I struggle with this as open as I am!

My mother passed away in April and I never told her about our lifestyle. I'm sure she would've been accepting of it; it's my father knowing that stopped me. He's as conservative as they come. A real Archie Bunker, and I never want him to know. The rest of my family would not accept me and I'd have to hear about it every time we texted or spoke or visited. I never told them about my husband's infidelities either; they'd have judged him and never accepted him back into the family.

I suspect my kids know about our lifestyle; on more than one occasion a text from a guy who's name my kids don't recognize has popped up and created questions. Since we're musicians, we know such a wide variety of people of all ages, I don't get all flustered like I have anything to hide and just say, "oh yeah, he's the drummer from such-and-such, he's the son of a friend of our drummer....." you get the picture. Who knows?? Maybe my daughter has figured it out. All it would take is some serious trolling and she'd figure it out. I have come very close to just sitting her down and telling her. The worst thing would be if she found out and thought I was cheating on her dad. NO SUCH THING. He knows everything. I wouldn't be in the lifestyle any other way but 100% COMPLETE AND TOTAL HONESTY.

I do believe though that teenagers are all wrapped up in themselves. To this day, my son rarely asks me, "SO, how are YOU Mom??" It's all about them. Unless it's IN THEIR FACE and they are forced to deal with it. I've heard from my kid's friends about cheating parents--actually catching them in the act. How horrible would THAT be??? That's abusive. A parent who isn't cheating but instead living the lifestyle has to be a better planner than that and more careful. I always take my kids' plans into consideration. Which is probably why I write about sex more than I actually have it LOL I mean seriously!!! Except for Allen, Jordan is the only other guy I've been with for three years. I flirt shamelessly and make dates but most of the guys are too intimidated to show up. Once my last kid is out of the house (three years) I'm sure I'l turn into the slut I've always dreamed of being!

And with that....happy hump day my sexy friends!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NaughtyAnna wants to hear from YOU!!!

Good morning my sexy readers out there! Just a quick note to let you know how much I love hearing from you all. I can see by my numbers you're here, reading my sexy stories. I love feedback! I just posted a "survey monkey" survey, please take 15 seconds and take the survey! Let me know what posts you like and how I can better serve you, my sexy readers!

Have a great day!

Love always,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Noontime nookie

Helloooo you sexy mutherfuckers! Sorry I haven't written. I actually couldn't remember my log-in info. My Twitter info was gone too and I've had lots of fun lately and haven't been able to tell you about it! BEST NEWS OF ALL-- JORDAN CAME OVER LAST WEEK!!!! OMG OMG OMG I am in 7th heaven. Or hell. Because I can hardly function. All I do is think about him. It's very annoying and distracting. It's like I died and went to heaven and being away from him is hell. We had the most amazing sex I think I've ever had, and you all know Miss Naughty Anna has had a lot of sex. This guy just really does it for me.

Details?? You want details? Of course! I won't bore you with any more chatter.

I think last I spoke about him, he'd gone AWOL, like so many of the guys I write. Our Snapchats had dwindled to nothing. I had only seen him that one time, July 19th, the day of the street festival. He had driven an hour to come see me on the spur of the moment. I had been drinking all day, we had had a barbecue, and most of our guests were still here when he arrived at around 11 pm that night. He stayed only about an hour, and I was pretty drunk. He was sober. It was amazing sex. Just being naked with this amazing guy, so fucking sexy. He definitely looked better than his profile pic, which rarely happens. 

My hubby was in a very cute and horny mood about a week ago; post-fight. We had some great conversation and we are really working things out better. And being with Jordan has given me some great insight. Which I will talk about later LOL but anyways, I had bought two new bra and panty sets for my hubby and was wearing them for him one night less than a week ago. He took sexy pics of me, and I couldn't resist and sent the best one (of me from behind, I know guys like that) to Jordan. He responded immediately. He said, and I quote (tee hee), "I need to see you again."

My heart jumped up and down and did a happy dance!!! HE NEEDS  TO SEE ME AGAIN!! NOT WANTS, NEEDS!!!!  We all know needs are more urgent than wants!!!! So this was Saturday night around 11 pm.

He was at my house two days later. Just past noon.

The boy NEEDED to see me.

I could say the same. I needed to see him. I hadn't even realized how much until that moment.

He was sooo cute. Driving over he asked for more "naughties" to get him "warmed up." I obliged.  Then I teased him. I said, "If you can guess what color i'm wearing I'll send you a selfie." That was fun. He guessed black first, and I said, "nope! Try again!" and his second guess was correct, red. So I sent him a selfie of my cleavage. "Yummy" was his response.

He came to the front door.  I forgot to mention the shot of vanilla vodka I drank for my nerves first. Brushed my teeth and went to greet him. He reminds me of Allen so much in the way that they both dress much tougher than the person they both really are. They both look completely different naked; you'd almost not even recognize them. Both wear hats and glasses and can't see their amazing hair and bodies. Jordan had his hair in some kind of ponytailed updo, a black ballcap on backwards, black horn-rimmed glasses, black basketball shorts, an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt (one of my all-time favorite bands), and a black hoodie. I greeted him wearing a red negligee, my breasts overflowing out of it, and a red lacy "cheeky" panty underneath.

After our hellos, he took me in his arms and started kissing me. Right then and there after saying hello to my annoying dog, who was very happy to have a new friend to sniff. Hahahaha. Long, soft, luxurious kisses. No groping, no movement other than kissing me. It was A M A Z I N G. They were the kisses of love songs, the kisses we women fantasize about all our lives. Just beautiful, wet, deep and sensuous kisses. I couldn't believe how amazing it was. I could've died right there and gone to heaven. I nearly orgasmed standing there.

And I knew it was just the beginning.

He took off his shoes and I led him by his hand upstairs. I was nervous and talking too fast and I don't even remember what I was saying. Some sort of verbal seque to the bedroom. I closed and locked the door, telling him, "The dog has an annoying way of watching" which made him giggle.

I had closed the curtains and lit a sensuous smelling candle, made the bed all nice.  We stood and kissed again, holding hands. The hat came off, the glasses came off, the shorts and hoodie on my bedroom floor. He was naked except for his boxers, and it was so cute seeing his hard cock poking from underneath them. One of my very favorite things to see!!! I was so giddy.

What I loved was how comfortable he seems to feel with me. I was so nervous and giddy, like a virgin. Seriously! That's how he makes me feel. Like I've never been touched. Like I had no idea what was going to happen or how it was going to feel. Just flesh on flesh, the whole world disappearing when he looked at me and touched me. We stood together, hands holding each other, facing each other, kissing. That gentle, I-can't-get-enough-of-you kissing. I was still in my red negligee, but not for long. He lifted it from the bottom and pulled it gently over my head so I was naked except for the red panty.

He let go of my hands and cupped them around my breasts, and put his face right between them, kissing them. He sucked and bit on my nipples. I held him around his waist and let him take the lead. I love foreplay, I love the tease. It's sooo fun, and apparently, he felt the same way. I had about 2 hours before I had to leave to get my daughter from school, so I was not in any sort of hurry.  I honestly couldn't believe he was here with me. I thought I'd never see or hear from him ever again. It was soooo exciting having him back for more! That let me know he truly enjoyed being with me before; and that he had indeed missed me and wanted to be with me again. Seriously? That's really all I needed to know. That he had a good time with me, that he felt a connection, and that he missed me. To have him back in my bedroom, to have him back in my arms, well, that was really just almost too much.

I had fantasized so much about him since that night, and I really didn't think I'd ever see him again. It was honestly almost too much having him standing there sucking and licking my breasts. I was sober; the one shot didn't affect me one iota and I was shaking. He pulled himself out of my cleavage and looked up and me and kissed me again. I pulled his hips close to mine and rubbed his hard cock against my pussy, I was already so wet and ready for him. The kisses got more furious and deep as I grabbed him by his hips and grinded him against me. I loved the way he took my face in both his hands as he kissed me; SOOOOOOO romantic, just like the movies. He made me feel like the only girl in the world, THE most beautiful and special girl in the world.

Just like Allen, when Jordan is naked he really looks completely different. He is full of sexy tattoos, his chest, his fingers, his arms, even one on the back of his calf I hadn't noticed before. He's got a double nose-piercing I'd never noticed before either. Very sexy. And huge gauged ears. He plucked the plugs out from them and put them on the floor next to his clothes. Mickey has those too.

Unlike Allen, Johnny is small, and probably weighs less than I do. He's maybe 5-8 125 pounds. He's sooooooo tiny and skinny. But I love his small body. He reminds me so much of Mickey. Mickey was the exact same body type; remember we wore the same size jeans??? And like Mickey, I can put my arm around Jordan's waist as I'm fucking him and pull him closer. MMMMmmm.  Mickey who??? I sure wasn't thinking about him.

I gently pulled his boxers off and he stepped out of them. I love that moment; the moment of the first viewing of the cock. Mmmm. And we had had sex in the dark before so I never really got to look at it. It looked huge from all the Snapchat pics he'd sent, and I couldn't wait to see it. He's not super huge (thank god),  with huge balls. I was like, whoa, those are huge balls!!! Then I giggled inside thinking maybe they were really full. Full of cum for me. I wanted him sooo badly.

I went down to a squat and took those huge balls in my hands and cupped them lovingly. I licked them and gave them all my love, and worked up to his stiff cock. He stood there watching me with the most delightful look on his face. He was in heaven and I had sent him there. I know young girls don't like to give BJ's the way I do so I made sure to make my mark on his psyche and spend an inordinate amount of time down there. If I want that boy back in my bed again, this will guarantee it. As I licked and sucked his back was arched, his head alternating between leaning as far back as he could and forward, watching me. When my knees started to ache, I put my hands out for him to take them and he lifted me up. As he did, I continued to lick him upwards, all the way to his waiting mouth. We kissed and I grinded my groin into his hard dick. I was so eager to feel him inside of me.

He guided me to the bed, pushing me down on my back. I asked him to let his hair down and he did. That waist-length, luxurious hair cascaded down to his left like a beautiful waterfall. And it's not just how beautiful and healthy his hair is that is so fucking sexy, it's the way he sways his head back and forth with it. It frames his whole face and body. He spread my legs and swished his hair off to his left, and went straight for my pussy. While he licked my clit his hair was spread out on my body. I grabbed a handful and lovingly tickled my breasts with it while he licked me. I was so giddy I was overwhelmed with so much emotion. So much desire. He clearly knew what he was doing down there and I never wanted him to stop. But I have this annoying way about me that feels guilty taking so long to come that I'm always like, "that's okay, you can stop now" like maybe they don't really want to be there that long. I don't say it, it's how I feel. And I should've let him spend more time down there. I didn't come, but damn, my back was arched and I was loving it. He clearly likes it and knows what he's doing. I asked him if he liked my pierced clit and he moaned and said, "mmm hmmm."

He looked up and swished his hair out of the way (it wasn't) and pulled my hips towards him, grabbed his dick in his hand, and gently inserted it in my pussy. It went RIGHT in. I haven't been this wet in years. I always need lube, and had the bottle tucked under a pillow. I never needed it with Jordan.

He fucked me hard, those big balls of his slapping my vagina. I talked dirty to him and he seemed to like it. I told him I could feel those big balls of his slapping my pussy. It made me even wetter. I couldn't get enough. He had one hand under my ass holding me as he fucked me. We changed positions a few times; we couldn't get enough of each other. He put my legs up in the air next to his face and held them up. I loved it!!! He fucked me so hard I knew I was going to be sore the whole day. At some point we switched so I could be on top. I'm like the energizer bunny; I can fuck and fuck and not get tired. My desire for him is so strong I never want to stop. I was either grabbing his hips or had my arm around his tiny waist, pulling him as close to me as I could. If I could've gotten inside of him I would have. I wanted to consume him, and it felt like he felt the same way. It was incredible. We just couldn't get enough of each other.

At least twice when it was most intense, when he locked eyes with me and fucked me the hardest, I said, " I want you to feel loved. Because you are." I didn't want to say "I love you" because I don't really even know him, but when the sex is that intense, I feel love. So much love. The most intense love I've ever felt is when I'm having intense sex. It's that physical connection that makes me feel so alive.

We fucked, made love, whatever you want to call it for over an hour. After he would fuck me, I'd slide his dick out and suck his cock again. Most girls wouldn't do that cuz it would taste like pussy. I used to hate it and never did it tell I was much older. It's not like I like the taste, it's that I know most girls won't do that and guys love having their dicks sucked. It's my gift to them LOL and pleasing him was pleasing me. I wanted him to think about me long after he went home, and compare me to girls he fucks vs the woman he craves the most--ME. I wanted to give him lots to remember me by and masturbate to until we saw each other again.

I cradled those big balls in my palms and went to town on them in between fucking each other. He loved it. I loved it. He tasted delicious, and oh, he is completely manscaped. (I refuse to get naked with a guy who isn't). I remembered he didn't like his neck touched, and I mentioned it early on and he said, "oh, that's okay" and I reassured him I wouldn't leave a mark. "I'm not a skank", I reassured him. I cooed, "I'll just nibble." He actually really liked it. I just nibbled lovingly up and around his neck and ears. There wasn't a spot on his body that didn't get attention and affection.

He had my feet in the air, his hands holding them close to his face, his hair long and flowing, my breasts bouncing up and down, his eyes penetrating my very soul. The look on his face at that moment I hope to God will never leave my memory. The intense desire for me, the intensity of his joy. He asked me how I wanted him to come. "However you want", I breathed. "Inside me or on me. Whatever you want." He fucked me harder. I said then, 'Inside me. I want you to feel close to me." I had remembered my hubby telling me that coming inside a woman is the best. Then came that moment. His orgasm. His "O" face. The climax, the happy ending. It was everything I wanted for him from me. My gift to him. Pure perfection.

Afterward, we didn't even clean up. It actually didn't even occur to me. I was so caught up in the moment. He gently pulled out and laid down next to me, both of us panting. I remembered not to say anything. I remembered reading in Cosmopolitan magazine what NOT to do after sex, and talk is what guys hate the most. Silence is golden. LOL So we just laid together and panted. At some point he spoke first. I don't remember what he said, but I let him speak first.

We laid together, him on his back and me on my side, my arm across him, and his arm around my shoulder, for over an hour. Pillow talk. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice. He told me all about his three cats. He talked about his son--uses his name--which makes me feel closer to him also. We talked about his music, his writing, the songs he likes (80's) and hates (pop). He talked and talked and talked. I loved listening to him and could've laid there all day. An hour certainly wasn't long enough.

Finally my phone alarm went off and I needed to go get my daughter from school. He continued talking as he got dressed. I watched him, laying there naked, letting him drink me up one last time. Then I also got up and got dressed.

We walked downstairs together, and at the door he put his shoes on and my dog came up to him again. He petted him lovingly. I asked him if he wanted anything, a bottle of water or anything, he said he was fine. He pulled me to him and gave me a juicy wet kiss. I opened the door for him, and he was standing THISCLOSE to me. Looking into my eyes, he said, "I promise it won't be so long next time." Meaning, so long in-between seeing each other. I said, "Awesome!" I said, "Come here!" and pulled his hips close to me and grinded his cock into me again and we kissed a juicy, wet kiss again. I was ready for round #2. Then I opened the door and we said our goodbyes. His was a smiling, happy, giddy, "bye bye", with a cute glance back and a spring in his step.


I still haven't climaxed. I'm fucking ready to right now. What is wrong with me? Why can't I relax with him? 

Mmmmmmm. Next time I will. I won't let him leave until he does. 

I still want so very badly to take a bath with him and wash his hair. That beautiful, sensuous hair of his. Mmm. I want to do EVERYTHING with this boy.