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Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to Have a HEALTHY Threesome

Hello dear readers, I promised you a follow-up to my last post, "You Want a WHAT??!!" 
Not being a guy, I don't know the reasons you guys want to have two women in bed with you at the same time; I can only surmise it's because somehow you've been led to believe two is better than one. Using this premise, I have to tell you, honestly, it's NOT. Even though I'm not a guy. BUT---and I don't want to be a hypocrite here---it CAN be one of the best experiences in your life. SO.....this post is about how to have that fantasy come true and not come back to bite you in the ass.

There's kind of 2 parts to this: One, if you're married or have a SO, the rules are very different than if you're single with no girlfriend/engaged or otherwise. The point is, unless your girl is already freaky, she is not going to be coaxed into letting you bring another woman into your bed. Stop asking her. And don't even think about getting her drunk and "accidentally" making out with another girl to "see if she'll go along with it." I see this on Dr. Phil all the time. Let me tell you, you'll regret it. Either get the fantasy out of your head or leave her and go do it, but don't keep pestering her to satisfy your selfish desires.

Part 2: A "truly" single guy. So....I'll start with that scenario, since that's what my Jordan is fantasizing about.

The question he asked me is, can I find another hot woman to go to bed with him and I?? First of all, I give him that he's so very young and inexperienced. Obviously, he hasn't read my previous post LOL and doesn't get that someone who already is into him wouldn't WANT to share him. Pretty much, that sums me up. Sex with him is so fucking amazing; how do I stand to benefit by getting naked with him and some other hot chick? Would it turn me on to see someone half my age sucking his dick? I doubt it. I think it would probably make me even more self-conscious. Sometimes I think, "Nah, Anna, you would have fun. Cuz he's into you... you know it has nothing to do with him losing interest in you. Rather, he thinks you're SO hot he wants to share YOU!!!!! Not the other way around!!!!" I go back and forth. I'm freaky and kinky. I'm not your typical female, and that's what he doesn't understand. He thinks all women think the way I do. This is the problem.

I remember how badly I wanted Mickey when he had that long-term girlfriend. I had done some serious trolling of her (to look for cracks--was he really that happy with her??) and she was, to my surprise, quite adorable. I trolled her FB page so much I began to have a little crush on her myself! With her amazing intelligence (she was a psych major I think), green eyes, her athletic little 110-pound body and full of tattoos, I could totally see why he was so into her. And of course, prodded on by him, Mickey confided in me he wished he could have both of us. I totally could've done it. I still could. 

That's called POLYAMORY. And it truly would be, W O N D E R F U L. It's what I and my hubby have both wanted for many years. 

The reason we haven't been able to find that wonderful person to have a polyamorous relationship with is primarily because we are programmed to want one person, and one person only (see previous post 

I told my husband about Jordan's request. He said, "With nearly 5000 FB friends, does he really need you to find him a girl to have sex with??" RIGHT??? He's a model. He's fucking gorgeous. God's gift to women. I truly mean that with every cell in my body. He is gorgeous. He can get anyone he wants. Every pic he posts gets hundreds of 'likes". So then, why can't he scrap together two of his thousands of followers to have sex with him? He said, "I certainly don't know how to go about this." Dear readers, I hope you know the answer.


To bring another woman into bed with him would be the ultimate competition. We'd see for ourselves how another woman sucks and fucks. Maybe she doesn't have bigger tits than us but damn she likes it in the ass and I would never do that. Maybe watching him lick her pussy makes us feel a little gay and wonder about our own sexuality. Maybe she likes my tits and starts to rub my nipples. What then???!!! And as he takes turns with us, flipping us over like a well-cooked grilled cheese sandwich, is he comparing us? "Hmm, that one could use a little more time at the gym" or "damn, I never really noticed her cellulite". This is what we woman think about. We are constantly feeling that never-ending competition with other women! Locker rooms are bad enough! Get naked with our guy AND the hot girl whose locker is next to mine?? Are you fucking insane???!!!

I'll let you in on a little secret. Being with another woman in bed (if you're a woman) is one of the smartest things you can do. And one of the most exciting. I totally recommend it. do you go about finding another woman to bed your guy with? Is this another post? Hmmm.. am I digressing? 

To answer Jordan's question, what he needs to do is find two women who find him hot who do not know one another. Like a rock stars' groupies, they are two hot chicks and they have all "just met". This is truly the only way this can work. Because the women start completely even. The understanding is, he likes you both EXACTLY THE SAME. YOU'RE BOTH HOT AND HE ISN'T INTERESTED IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH EITHER OF YOU. At least, that's how it starts out.  Maybe you'll all exchange phone numbers and carry on after said sexual threesome. Maybe not. That's not the point. The point is to try to eliminate competition as much as possible.

What kind of woman would want to bed a guy and another girl at the same time? How does a hot single guy find such a girl? Or two for that matter? That is Jordan's question.

It's not easy, I told him, "it's much more complicated than you would think." And sadly, I don't have an easy answer for him. If I did, my hubby would've gotten the threesomes HE'S been fantasizing about now for, oh, ten years or more. Because the women we've gone to bed with turned out to be whores he cheated on me with and brought them home to me like they were brand new toys out of the box. Never been played with. That wasn't true. My point is, Jordan my sweet, this is how we women are. My hubby knew the only way he'd get me to agree to have another woman in our bed is if he lied and manipulated me to get her there.

We nearly divorced over it.

The only way to get another woman, or two women in your bed, is to just find two women you want to have sex with and ASK THEM if they'd be interested in a threesome.

It's called HONESTY folks. It's not about manipulating people by drugging them with booze until their clothes fall off and then taking advantage of them. Everyone needs to be in agreement about what they want and expect from a threesome. Anything less than that will lead to hurt feelings, diseases, and worse, broken marriages and possibly violence. This is serious stuff here. Threesomes are not to be taken lightly if you're in a committed relationship.

If you're truly single like my Jordan, he shouldn't really have too much trouble finding two women to play with. All he has to do is talk to two women he would like to play with--two women who seem a little freaky (tattoos anyone? Multiple piercings? Likes to take selfies?)  and have a group conversation with them. Take them both out for drinks/dinner/coffee and TALK to them. See how they respond. Let them know that you find them both EQUALLY attractive and that it's all about the sex. That you're not looking to get either of them into a relationship or pregnant. Do they feel the same way??

See, what my uninitiated Jordan and million of single (and taken) guys don't realize is that by crossing over into freak land requires a lot more maturity. It requires honesty above all, and LOTS OF TALKING. There's nothing about threesomes or moresomes that is sneaky, manipulative, or coercive. It's open and honest conversation about what thrills and chills you.

I'll end with an example.

My husband and I had our first threesome with another woman when we first opened our marriage about 12 years ago. This woman he had not cheated on me with and she was truly a gal-pal of ours. She was actually one of our son's teachers and that's how we met. She was "truly" single and the three of us just really hit it off. She was cute and fun and open-minded, as we found out over dinner one night months after meeting her. I don't remember how the conversation started, but we got to feeling safe with her and told her about our open marriage (it was only Mickey then). And sure enough, one thing led to another.

And it was AWESOME. 

I never felt threatened by her presence. And my husband felt too guilty to penetrate her; he was worried how I would really feel the next morning (and thereafter) so he did everything else. It was so exciting. I had never been naked with another woman. I had never so much been touched by another woman, or looked at the way she looked at me. She truly was into both of us, and played with us equally. And she made me cum faster than any guy has ever made me cum. It was wicked and nasty and unsettling to feel turned on by another woman. It made me feel so many different feelings, good and bad, nasty and uptight, kinky and fearful. Seeing my husband respond sexually to her was both incredibly upsetting and exciting. 

Afterwards, we all slept together and by morning, I was mostly ready for her to leave so I could gather myself back together. I have never regretted that night with her. We remained great friends and would've probably had more fun with her but she got engaged and we parted ways. 

How did this threesome make my husband feel?? Like a king. Like the proverbial king being fed grapes by his beautiful harem. It was all about him. We were there to make him feel wanted and desired and special. Guys love watching women naked and pleasing one another. It's even better if it's NOT porn and the women are really enjoying what they're doing to one another, not just performing for you. That's not any fun. When she made me cum, he felt like the luckiest guy on the planet, because that let him know that I wasn't jealous or feeling insecure or threatened in any way. I was participating because I WANTED  to be there. I was having as much fun as him. Did I have uncomfortable feelings? Did I have moments of insecurity and jealousy? Of course I did! BUT I got over them. There's no way to describe how life-changing it can be to get over feeling competitive of another woman for your man. Or any man. Just being secure enough in yourself to enjoy another woman's body and affections and not put a label on it. It didn't turn me gay and I'm able to say I am more open sexually now because of that encounter.

And I had quite a few more since. 

So to wrap it up, a threesome is about feeling loved and desired and doted on. It's sharing and enjoying each other's bodies equally, giving pleasure and receiving pleasure in emotionally and physically healthy ways.

I think everyone should have this experience, I truly do. 

Will I find another girl to share my Jordan with? 

Absolutely not. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You want a WHAT????!!!!!!

Good morning my sexy lovelies out there! I thought I'd write a little about a subject that's come up time and again in my personal life. And I remembered that the guy I lost my virginity to at age 20 (yes, I was that old) broke my heart shortly after by telling me how he had always wanted a threesome with another woman. My response was swift--to me it only meant one thing--I wasn't enough to keep him interested. He willing took my virginity away only to declare me "not enough--I need two women". That's how I took it.

And of course, here we are, a few decades later, and he's not the only guy who I've been intimate with who still yearns to have two women at once. My husband and I have nearly divorced over this topic several times. WTF is going on???!!

I'm bringing it up because Jordan--my lovely Jordan--misinterpreted a Snapchat pic I sent him the other night of me and a friend of mine (female, very pretty) by suggesting the three of us have sex together sometime. Ummmmmm....that was NOT what I was expecting. And of course, his response took me back to that moment when my virginity-stealer told me HE wanted a threesome. It was like BAM!!!!!! Snap your fingers, there I was, 20 years old again.

Why are we women like this???!! Why do we instantly think we aren't enough for you if you want to spice it up with four tits and two vaginas??!! 

It's a culmination of a lifetime of societal and media influence that belittles women and reduces them to objectification. It's the Disney fantasy that there is our Prince Charming out there and we are his Princess and if we could only just find each other, we shouldn't want anyone else. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! And not especially after just one roll in the hay. Or two. REALLY???!!!! YOU'RE BORED WITH ME ALREADY???!!!

That's how women see your request/fantasy to fuck two women at the same time. Us, and yet another woman we have to compete with for your attention. Because we aren't sexy enough to keep your attention obviously.

If you guys can get that, and I mean REALLY get that, you'd fucking stop asking us to have sex with you and some other hot chick who's going to make us feel like shit about ourselves, and push our relationship with you into the toilet. Because once we've given in to your fantasy, we can really never get back our dignity. No woman TRULY enjoys sharing her husband/boyfriend/SO with another hot chick. GET REAL GUYS!!!

We spend our whole lives trying to measure up to what society tells us we need to be. We need to be, in no particular order: Thin, sexy, perfect skin, no wrinkles, smart, funny, a good dresser, organized, a good cook. Basically Martha Stewart meets Supermodel. Who can truly be this??!!! We try endlessly to squash who we really are so that you'll love us and accept us for who we truly are. And then you go and suggest we bring another woman into our bed???!!! WTF???!!!

Now now, don't get your panties in a wad because I know my audience tends to be those that don't really think this way anymore. BUT it's important for you men out there to know that's how we women tick. We are programmed from birth to find our one true love and he will satisfy our every need and we will satisfy his. And then one night, probably a little tipsy, you whisper, "Hmmm, hey baby, your girlfriend is hot...think she'd want to join us in bed sometime??" And we go completely ballistic on you. And your head is spinning cuz you JUST DON'T GET WHAT HER FUCKING PROBLEM IS.

Now you know.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Confession time

Hello my lovelies! One thing you can count on is NaughtyAnna will ALWAYS be honest with you and tell you the down and dirty truth in all its glory and occasional ugliness. I have a confession to make. I have been debating whether or not to tell you because although it isn't exactly scandalous, it has been bothering me that I have held back on telling you. And I worship my readers and I have never held anything back to this point.

A little over two weeks ago, I had my regular Pap exam. I always ask for a full STD check. I'm honest with my doctor and let her know I have multiple lovers and aren't always as safe as I should be. She took a swab test and also ordered a full blood work up for HPV and HIV, which I could do after the exam, at the lab downstairs. The exam went well; she said I appear healthy as a horse and she'd call me with the results by Monday. The office called late that afternoon that I was clear of any HPV or HIV. You'll notice my Tweet that day said, "100% clean--as usual". I wasn't lying.

Monday morning, I was getting ready for my new guy I've been Snapchatting to show up for some morning fun and my cell phone rang. It wasn't even 8:00 o'clock in the morning, and it was my doctor's office. Guess what??!!

I tested positive for chlamydia.

There's only one person I could've caught it from.


I was told that she'd called in antibiotics for me and that I should take them immediately. AND that I needed to tell "all my sexual partners" because they needed to get tested and treated.

I only had 2. My husband, and Jordan.

I was with Jordan back in July, and he didn't give me anything then. SO......evidently, he'd been with someone between July and October 6th when he gave it to me.

I had to call him and tell him.

I was petrified. I didn't want to push him away. I didn't want him to think I was a skank and gave it to HIM. I immediately started Googling "chlamydia" and find out everything I could about this STD. And then of course I Googled, "How do I tell my guy he gave me an STD?" And the advice ran the gamut of, "Get rid of that douchebag!" to "Hey, he may not have known he had it. If he's hot, get yourselves treated and let it go." I was a mess. I didn't know what to think.

I couldn't decide if the worst part was telling him or the fact that I had a date RIGHT NOW that I had to cancel because my doctor told me I needed to wait FOUR WEEKS before I could have intercourse again. AND ONLY AFTER I GOT RE-TESTED TO MAKE SURE I WAS CLEAN.

I knew Jordan was out of town on his photo shoot (he's a model) and probably fucking the other models and knew he needed to know. He was spreading it to every girl he was with (I was just assuming he was sexually active). So....I needed to tell him; I needed to let him know not only did he give it to me but whoever he'd been with between he and I in July and this most recent date gave it to HIM. That he would need to call her and every other girl he'd been with during that four-month time.

And most importantly, I wanted to keep a good relationship with him. How the hell was I going to do that????!!!! What if he didn't believe me? What if he thought I gave it to HIM?! What if he was a jerk and a douchebag about it?? Would this mean the end of things between us? The internet basically said, "Don't tell by text or email. Do it in person or if that's not an option, call them." So I sent him a text that very day. I said that something came up and I needed to talk to him right away, could he call me today? He sent a text right back,"I can't talk right now, what's up?" So I said, "Nothing serious, but it's important. I don't want to text." He said, "I'll call you as soon as I can hun." I was so happy he called me "hun" LOL I started to relax. I thought, "This will go well."

I waited ALL FUCKING DAY for his call. A week later, it never came.

I started to get very anxious and angry. My hubby and I figured either he already knew (cuz one of the girls he'd probably fucked called him and said she had it) or he was just scared I was going to yell at him. Hubby said guys can't handle angry women. LOL Like that's something I'd do???!! I don't yell at people. (Except if they cheat on me).

So...after doing some FB trolling of his page, I saw that he was coming back from his photo shoot on Saturday and was asking for rides. I sent him a text asking when would he be back and did he need a ride from the airport? Crickets. He never responded. This was the day before Halloween. I was disappointed and started to freak out how he obviously wasn't planning on calling me at all. He was just going to sidestep me and hope I go away. I started to waver between being the angry bitch he was trying to avoid and being heartbroken that this beautiful man I'd fallen hard for was turning out to be, yes, a douchebag.

Halloween night, while we are having a raging, fun party at our home, he starts Snapchatting me. I was fucking ecstatic. He sent me a pic of him dressed in drag. He made such a pretty girl LOL I wasn't drunk yet but I was soooo happy. We Snapped back and forth and he made a reference to coming home the following day. I took a screenshot of the pic he sent, and after 4-5 Snaps, that was it. Neither of us mentioned "it".

Finally, by Monday morning, I was obsessed with telling him. I had a responsibility to tell him! I couldn't NOT tell him. Especially after my hubby went to the clinic and also tested positive. I'm his only sexual partner (right now). And yes, it was a brief test of his fidelity....but only from his point of view. I am very happy to report that it never once occurred to me that he had cheated again and had given me an STD. He brought it up--and I believe him with my whole heart and soul. He got on antibiotics too.

I just wanted to get it over with. I talked to my BFF and she gave me some pointers on what to say. Was it important he know he gave it to me? Was it? And how do I tell him without looking like a skank and a whore myself??? I used the advice my BFF gave me and also pieced together stuff from and wrote a script. I figured he wouldn't answer his phone, and I'd just leave a voicemail. That really, he'd left me no choice since he was refusing to call me back.

I used my "voice memos" on my phone to practice reading the script. I listened back to make sure my inflection wasn't bitchy or nasally or accusatory. It had to be JUST RIGHT. After two or three demos, I pulled up big-girl panties and dialed his number.

My heart was pounding. I started wishing I'd guzzled a couple shots of vanilla vodka for courage, but I had to go to work. And guess what???!!! HE ANSWERED!!!! Totally caught me off guard!!! I was all breathy and like, "hiiiiiii!!!!!! I didn't expect you to answer!!" I was so happy he clearly wanted to talk to me and wasn't avoiding me. Douchebag??? !! NOPE!!!! He was so cute and sexy. It was almost 2 in the afternoon and he'd said he'd just woke up. So, I'm imagining him laying in bed, naked under the covers, and I'm getting turned on. I almost forgot why I was calling him!!! LOL

He was great. I stumbled and stuttered, I told him how nervous I was, and that I was hoping he'd call ME cuz I just wanted to get this over with. I think I started by saying, "I'm not pregnant!" LOL He said, "What??!!!" and I was like, "That wouldn't be a bad thing, that would be a good thing...." haha I was so nervous. What script???!! I was totally nervous. I think the whole conversation lasted 3 minutes.  I just casually told him how I went to the doctor for my annual Pap. That I hadn't had any symptoms, but that the doctor said the incubation period is 1-3 weeks coincided with exactly us being together and me getting it. I didn't come right out and say, "YOU GAVE ME AN STD!" because that would be bitchy, and really? Of all the STD's it's not a big deal. He put me at ease a little being so understanding. I can't remember if he apologized; I don't think he did. I did tell him he was the only one I'd been with besides my husband and that "he's not allowed to be with anyone else right now" which is the total truth. He laughed. And he was great. He thanked me like 3-4 times, he actually said that my telling him the truth was "so commendable" and that he "greatly appreciated it." Lastly, I said something like, "yeah, it's really not a big deal--except not being able to have sex for 4 weeks sucks" LOL and we both laughed. I said, "I don't regret being with you and I'd love to see you again. You were fun!" and he said, "ABSOLUTELY!!! So...that was basically it. We both said a breathy "bye" and I was floating on air. It went better than I expected.

Sadly, I haven't heard from him since.

I don't know if he actually did anything about it. It wouldn't show on his social media of course. I wanted him to still see me as hot so in the following week I'd sent him a few naked/sexy pics of me (Snaps) and not only did he not respond to them twice he took over 12 to open them! I was heartbroken but the worst was when he posted a pic of one of the female models from his photo shoot on HIS Instagram with a comment about how "beautiful gorgeousness" of her (or something stupid like that).

Douchebag or not? Hmmm I think he's just wrapped up in his world; I mean this guy's really got it going on. He's got 5000 Facebook friends and my BFF noticed they're nearly all women. So he's got his narcissistic supply. He doesn't need it from me.

So, I'm just hanging back, looking for someone knew to fill the void till I hear from him again. Will I? Most likely. Last time it took him 3 months from one date to the next.

Next blog post? J. He's back.

Friday, November 7, 2014

10 Myths You Probably Believe About Hotwives

I loved my last post and as I was going about my day thinking about what I may have left off, it came to me that I needed an addendum to it. So my dear lovelies, here it is!

1. A hotwife's husband is bad in bed.  Au contraire my dear lovelies! I can't speak for anyone but myself, but my hubby has a stronger sex drive than I do (and we know I'm off the charts!) He loves oral, is very kinky, and makes sure I cum every time. Before he cums. He's the best lover I've ever had.

2.  Hotwives are unhappily married.  Again, au contraire. We've been together as long as most of my lovers have been alive. If I wanted a divorce, I'd have gotten one by now.

3. She's secretly planning on leaving her husband for you.  This goes hand-in-hand with number 2 above. No, she's not. Let me say it again---she may love having sex with you and even fall in love with you. I fall in love with all my sexual partners. That's why I haven't had very many. I want you to be a part of my life, every day in fact, but I will NEVER leave my husband for you. Relax. You get all the benefits of a relationship with none of the responsibliity. What a lucky guy you are!!!!!

4. Her husband has a small dick.  Maybe some hotwives aren't as lucky as me. My guy is well-endowed. 

5. We only want guys with enormous dicks.  Honestly, bigger isn't necessarily better.The biggest dick I ever fucked was so big I didn't really enjoy it as much as my 8-inch guys. And to top it off, it was all about HIM. He never even tried to make me cum. The best threesome my hubby and I ever had was with a guy who had a 3-inch dick. OMG he made up for his small size by being so attentive to everything else.

6. We are nymphomaniacs and are hard to please.  Uh, no. I have a job and children and a life. Sex is my hobby. Sadly, I can't spend all day fucking. I have things I have to do.

7.  We are easy to spot at the grocery store.  Not usually, although for myself, I know I stand out. I always look well put together, and I smell nice. And I'm likely to make eye contact with you and I'm not afraid to say hi. But when we are in "mommy mode" we don't look like the tramp that will grab you by the hair and spank your ass while we're fucking you. There's a woman I play tennis with that I've just found out is a hotwife. I never would've guessed until she told me. She's a doctor and is happily married with four little kids. 

8. We'll fuck anyone and anything. This is completely untrue. I am extremely picky. If I choose you. you should feel like Superman, cuz I've got hundreds of unread messages on all my dating websites from guys just wanting to take your place. To step outside my marriage takes a certain kind of guy, and congratulations! You are everything on my list. You're gorgeous, fuckable, sweet, funny, adorable, interesting, kind, and I feel safe with you. You can hold a conversation. You want to please me. I know I can give you my heart and body on a platter and you will eat me up. You have no idea how lucky you are I chose you. I fully intend to show my appreciation for your attention to me by making you feel like no one has ever made you feel. As often as you'll let me.

9. We are crazy, hot messes. Like number 6 above, we don't just troll looking for sex 24/7. I have a life. I am quite normal and boring most of the time. I have cats and a dog and feed the birds and squirrels in my yard. I do laundry. I enjoy sitting on the couch and binge-watching "Mad Men". I haven't had red meat in over 3 years and pretty much drink nothing but water, coffee, and wine. Cuddling with my kids is my favorite thing to do. Just because I really love sex doesn't mean it's the only thing I like doing. I'm not a sex addict, I don't smoke or do drugs. I take my vitamins and don't have road rage.

10. Her husband is really gay. No, he's not. Just because he can watch me have sex with another guy (and participate) doesn't make him gay. Gay would mean he couldn't get an erection and fuck me and would only get an erection with another man. Getting an erection in the presence of another man just means he's a sexual being. I have gay male friends, and they don't get erections in the presence of a woman. It's just traditionalists and conservatives who are small-minded who think that any guy that is okay either being with another guy in any shape or fashion, or allowing his wife to fuck other guys, must be gay. Remember the Kinsey scale?? Only 11% of white males aged 20-35 scored "exclusively heterosexual" and only 10% scored "exclusively homosexual"! THAT MEANS THAT 80% OF MEN ARE SEXUALLY SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN. The findings for women were 6% "exclusively heterosexual" and only 3% "exclusively homosexual". 

*Did I leave anything out? Have your own thoughts/experiences to share? I'd love to hear from you! 

Love always,
Anna XO

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11 reasons why your next girlfriend should be a hotwife

This is for all my lovlies out there! I've been writing this in my head all day.

I'm sure you've heard of the term, "MILF" (Mom-I'd-Like-to-Fuck). When you think of a MILF, you think of the hot married soccer mom who doesn't have a clue how hot she really is. She's oblivious to her hotness as she does her maternal, parental duties, as you, the young hunk, masturbates at home wishing she saw the way you looked at her. And most likely, she's married to an Alpha male who would see the way you look at her and punch you in the face for it.

Now, imagine that married MILF being your girlfriend.

That's what a Hotwife is. 

That's what I am.

A hotwife is really just a MILF whose husband not only "allows" her to have sex with other men, he gets off on it. Sometimes, said husband will want to either participate as a threesome or just watch. In our case, it can be either of those, as well as me being alone with another guy: in our home, at his place, or on a get-away alone with him. Sometimes, the husband won't want details, but rather, a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Either way, a Hotwife is the MILF of your dreams, because you can have her.

I wasn't always a hotwife. I was a MILF first. Of course, MILF's don't usually know they are MILF's. When Mickey gave me that first long gaze back in 2004 was when I became aware I was a MILF. He was 19 years old, and I knew I was old enough to be his mom. But that didn't bother him in the least; in fact, he'd confided in me he'd always wanted to fuck a much-older woman. In time I began to realize how many really young guys love older women, and in fact, PREFER US TO THEIR YOUNGER COUNTERPARTS. 

I thought it would be fun and informative to write about why YOUR next girlfriend should be a hotwife!!

1. She's great in bed. She loves sex.  A hotwife is not going to be shy, coy, or a cold fish in bed. She is proud of her body and can't wait to show it off to you. She will tell you what she likes and what she doesn't like. She loves to please and speaking for myself, I LOVE to give blowjobs. My young guys tell me these girls half my age suck their dicks for like 30 seconds and they're done cuz they just don't know what to do "down there." She has a variety of toys and isn't embarrassed to use them in front of you. Or on you. Or go to a sex store and get more to play with you. You bring out the kink in her she never knew existed. She will be the best lover you've ever had, and you will be hers. 

2. She can't/doesn't want to get pregnant. A Hotwife usually already has kids of her own. The LAST thing she wants is more! She's getting her groove on and more kids would cause her now exciting sex life to come to a complete halt. Think about all the carefree fucking you can do and never worry about making a baby. 

3. She doesn't want to marry you.  All the young guys I've been with tell me the same thing over and over--these young girls expect a ring if they sleep with them. A Hotwife is already married. You get all the benefits without any of the responsibility. It's what you've always wanted--JUST SEX. AND LOTS OF IT.

4. She's got time for you. A hotwife's kids are usually in high school or college and she's got all day alone in that big house of hers to see you. Want to take an impromptu trip to Vegas? Her hubby won't mind! She can afford for both your plane AND hotel room tickets.

5. She's got the money to take care of herself. And this translates into, SHE LOOKS HOT AND SHE KNOWS IT. A Hotwife has a membership at the most expensive gym in town, and actually goes. OFTEN. She will get a boob job, Botox, designer jeans, expensive facials and mani-pedis, and probably Brazilian waxes too. She is unabashed about this and she'll be the one showing you her new tits in the bathroom. You know already she ages well; she's had babies and still has a flat stomach and a firm butt. Can't say the same for your millenial co-workers. 

6. If she likes you, she will shower you with more than affection. I have been known to pay for airline tickets, concerts, dinners, money, shopping trips, gifts, you name it, to one lover in particular. A hotwife will never forget your birthday, and since money is no object, expect to receive something you've been wanting but think you'll never be able to afford. And since she's already married, you don't have to worry about who-visits-who on major holidays. You know she's going to be too busy for you, BUT with some planning, she WILL make time to see you. And you'll get your present all right. Naked. 

7. She will be discreet. Unless my guy sends ME a friend request, we won't be Facebook friends, but we will be Snapchat or KIK friends. If we are more than that, than we two have a relationship that is very special indeed. I was always Mickeys' "dirty little secret" which was fine for the first 8 years then it was like, "really?? Still pretending you don't know me?" And this was after he met my kids and stayed in my guest room for a week. It began to hurt my feelings. Then I felt less like a hotwife and more like a whore. A hotwife is proud to be your lover and doesn't mind if the whole world knows, but respects that maybe your mom wouldn't approve. 

8. Even if she says the "L-word" (love) she loves her husband more. I tend to fall in love with the guys I have sex with, which is why I'm so picky. I have only been with a handful of guys in the 12 years I've been a hotwife, and I love them all. When any of them call/text and want to see me, I drop everything and squeeze them into my life. And I would do anything for them. They know this and it's reciprocal. My lovers are some of the best friends I have. We can talk freely about anything and everything, since I am the least judgmental person they know. And since we have no mutual friends, I am also the least threatening person they know. I feel safe with them, and they feel safe with me.

9. She's fun to be around. Because there's little or no expectations, you can be yourself around her. Like number 8 above, you can be as freaky as you want with her and she will not laugh in your face or tell you to "grow up" or "that's weird" or anything like that. She sees a side of you no one else gets to see, and that's the ultimate thrill for a hotwife. Seeing your "O" face is what she lives for. That, and, number 10.

10. She's multi-orgasmic.  Since she's so comfortable with her body (read "no hang-ups") she knows what she likes. I've had my young guys tell me the young girls they've been with "hate oral sex" and worse, hate giving oral sex to THEM. They worry about the way they look; they obsess about the way their breasts bounce or if their stomach is flat enough, while I'm obsessing over your sexy, naked body and making sure I don't miss an inch. I'm ready to go, and once you've recovered, I'm ready to go again. A hotwife doesn't get tired of fucking and will NEVER get bored and want you to "hurry up and cum cuz I've got stuff to do today." A hotwife focuses on YOU. She's not thinking about her grocery list while she's sucking your dick. 

11. Compliments will get you everywhere. You don't have to text us every day. Hell, once a week will do just nicely, thank you. But make sure you keep telling us how great we are in bed, what you want to do to us next time, and how beautiful/hot you think we are. If you don't, we will lose interest, and like the proverbial bus, there are plenty of hot guys out there in line waiting for you to step aside. Remember, a hotwife is already married. She's just looking for a little fun on the side, maybe someone hot and wonderful enough to stick around and be more than just a side dish. If she's not getting enough herself, she'll drop you like a hot potato and you won't get a second chance. 

Now, go out and get yourself a hotwife and have fun! Make sure you get yourself tested first---she'll want to go bareback--I know I like it better that way. 

Anna XO