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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Foreplay is my forte!

The boys on Tinder in LA are just hotter than here where I live.....I shouldn't say that but it's true. All that fresh air and it should come as no surprise that no sooner had I landed then I was on the dating site looking for a hottie to play with. It didn't take me long to find some cuties; I narrowed it down to three and chatted back and forth over a couple days to see who would actually show up at my hotel room. The cutest one I'll call Felipe (he's not even Hispanic so don't get your panties in a wad thinking he's your guy ladies) and we exchanged phone numbers. By Sunday he was sending me shirtless pics and yes, nudies. He was GORGEOUS. 26 years old, clearly works out, ripped abs but not overly muscle-y. Very handsome too. A definite 9. Brown eyes, brown hair, a little hair on his lower stomach which super turns me on.

We teased each other back and forth with pics and sexting, but I know it usually ends there. He had wanted me to come to his apartment during the day but I was busy seeing family, but I was going to be alone in the hotel that night so I was letting him know I wanted him that night instead. He was begging me to "come over now, I have a big hard dick waiting for you" but I wasn't available. Besides, isn't the teasing the best part??? The part where they want me SO bad they are putty in my hands.

The evening rolled along and he was still interested. We agreed 9 o'clock would work, he'd just come straight to my hotel room. He was super excited and horny, and I admit, so was I.

I had had dinner with my hubby, and two glasses of wine later (three for him) we were snuggling at the bar. He always gets so excited when I have a date! He had to leave me there to drive 3 hours where he had meetings the next morning, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to have a little fun. He kissed me and left, and I went to my room to freshen up for my new lover.

I put on some sexy music and ordered two vodka sprites for us, and showered and got ready. I had packed some sexy lingerie just for this moment, and tried on a few different ones and sent selfies to my hubby and asked him what I should wear for my young stud. I wore the one he chose (I do as I'm told). He also told me to wear my stilettos for him too.

We said our goodnights and "I love you"'s and hung up. I had an amazing view of the LAX airport, and grabbed my drink and a chair. I put up my feet and watched the planes taking off and landing and waited for my lover to arrive. The last thing he wrote before I sat down was, "See you soon babe!"

Then came this: "God my car won't start!"

I was like, "yep, stood up again." These guys get scared. Another wasted night alone in a hotel room.

He said he'd call Uber. Then he said he couldn't afford it. Then he asked me if I'd be willing to pay one way. I stopped writing him. Fuck that. I'm not paying anything. I am giving myself to you. I'm not a whore. I'm a slut! There's a difference!!

When he realized I stopped responding, he said, "I'll take that as a no hahaha", then, "hey enjoy the pics wish it happened. Safe travels tmrw." It seemed he might've actually been telling the truth. I responded, "Me too. thank u." He said, "If you're ever in the area hit me up" to which I didn't respond, but thought to myself, "yeah, so you can stand me up yet again!!!!"

Then he wrote, "Actually fuck it I'm coming be there in 20"


I said, "you are?" And he responded, "yeah maybe 30 because I have to wait for this uber." I said, "I'm glad you changed your mind" and sent him a selfie to reward him. He loved it. He said, "Get ready baby, I'm on my way."

I did a little happy dance and texted my hubby the date was back on. He said he already had a huge hard on and couldn't wait. Could I leave my phone on secretly so he could hear?? I said I would do that for him.

He didn't get there till 10:40, but he did show up. I had told him to send me a quick text when he got to the hotel, but he didn't! All of a sudden I heard a knock at my door!!! It was him!!!

I said, "who is it?" and he said, "It's me!" I opened the door and there he was, all 5-9 inch, twenty-six years old full of smoldering testosterone. He was GORGEOUS! As good looking as his pics! I let him in and we were both smiling! He kissed me right away and I said I thought he was going to text me when he got here and he said he was so excited he forgot! LOL 

He kicked off his shoes (black and white Converse) and I took him by the hand and led him over to the bed. He quickly took off his shirt and there were those amazing abs...just inches away from my face. I put my hands on them and pulled him close so I could smell him. Mmm I love the way men smell!! It wasn't like full-on cologne scent, it was just "manly" LOL as silly as that sounds. I gave him butterfly kisses and caressed his torso, he was just so delicious. 

My favorite part is the unzipping of the fly and getting to see the hard cock for the first time. I love this part!!! He started to do it himself and I gently took over for him. I love the unbuckling, I love the unzipping, and I love the feeling a guy must get at this point. The anticipation is the best part! It's better than Christmas! It's a gift I love to give myself. 

Once opened, I gently pulled his jeans down and allowed him to step out of them. Standing in front of me is one of the most beautiful bodies I've ever laid eyes on, and he's all mine. Also discovering what kind of boxers/undies they wear is another favorite of mine. He had on the stretchy kind that hugs his package, and it was apparent I had gotten him all worked up! I loved rubbing his hard cock while it was still inside. Like I said, the anticipation is my favorite. Foreplay is my forte! I put my mouth on that huge bulge and nibbled it till he couldn't stand it another second. I grabbed his ass and squeezed it hard. What a nice tight ass he had!  He was running his hands through my hair gently and then grasped my head to lift me up to his mouth. He kissed me hard and sensuously, his tongue so hungry. It was juicy and so delicious. I love being kissed!!!!!

He lifted me and put my on the edge of the bed, and pulled out his big hard dick. Mmmm I put my mouth around it and started sucking it just like I'd texted him I would. He then pushed me gently onto my back and hovered over me, that big dick bouncing up and down in my face. I giggled and took it in my mouth and kept sucking it. 

I pulled off and said, "come lay down", and he did. I got on top of him, took a big long drink of that sexy man laying there in my bed, and took a mental picture. He was happy and smiling, his hands leisurely behind his head, just splayed out for my pleasure. This is where I feel like a kid in a candy store, I just can't decided what I want to do first! Suck him? Lick him? Fuck him? Reverse cowgirl or just climb on top? I decided to straddle him and continue the BJ I'd promised him. He was DELICIOUS. He moaned and stiffened and grabbed my hair and writhed in delight. It wasn't five minutes when I tasted his pre-cum and I always let a guy know I've tasted it. He loved it. 

It was the quietest orgasm I'd ever given anyone! He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all completely seamless. It just went down so easily and I never had the gag response like I've gotten with other guys. It was like, "SHIT HE JUST CAME!! HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN???"

And as pleased as he was, he was done!

He pulled me down next to him, and he cuddled me. He said, "give me five minutes, I'll be ready to go again." I said, "no worries! You can play with ME!" and coyly took his hand off his dick, which he was slapping around to get it hard again, and put it on my very wet and excited pussy. He fingered me for a little bit and just as I was ready to come he stopped and went back to slapping his dick again and I said, "I'll make you excited again by making me come" but he seemed so focused on his floppy dick. Then he said he had to go to the  bathroom, so he got up and went (I was hoping he'd leave the door open....and I contemplated following him in....but I chickened out and he closed the door....

He came back to bed but he was done. He was very sweet and kept apologized but the truth was, I didn't care that his dick wasn't getting hard! There was a lot he could do that had nothing to do with his limp penis! I asked him if he'd go down on me and he said, "sorry I don't do that" and I was like, "oh....okayyy...." and was really disappointed. He was sweet and shy, he was embarrassed about his limp dick and really didn't get that I didn't care. I wanted him to touch me and please me, but he didn't have a clue even though I was doing my best to communicate what I wanted him to do. I couldn't convince him sadly, and he looked at his phone and said his cab was there.

He started to get dressed, and I picked up my purple satin robe and put it on. He sat down on the bed to put his shoes on, and I told him I loved his Converse shoes and told him I collected them. He said he did too, and we chatted about them for a little bit. Then he took my face in his hands and kissed me and thanked me for a great time, and that he'd love to see me again next time I'm in LA. I said I would definitely call him. We walked to the door, he kissed me hard again, and smiling, left. I watched his sexy ass walk away and closed the door. Then suddenly I heard a knock, and it was him again! He said, "I left my phone!" and we laughed and he went over to the bed, grabbed it, and kissed me again on the way out. And again, I watched his sexy ass walk away out into the hall, smiled to myself, and closed the door.

I took out my contacts, and called my hubby and told him how the night went. He was three hours away in another hotel room and he was still as horny as I was. We masturbated to each other and it was super hot. We pleased ourselves as we pleased each other and said our "I love you's" and goodbyes.

Laying there in the dark, feeling quite dreamy, and texted Felipe, "Thanks for coming (pink heart emoticon) you're very sweet and sexy" He wrote back immediately, "Thank you! I had a blast!" That was awesome.

I slept very well that night.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Interesting revelation

A week has gone by, and I'm wondering if F and his gf are back from their little road trip. That and I have today off, AND I'm home sick, and I have time to do a little more detective work and see what recent pics he's posted of their sexy little vacay together. Well, I can't tell if they're still there or back, but I did learn two things--she has a car just like his, just a different color. They drive the same sports car. There's a pic of their two cars side by side and she commented on them. AND THERE'S A PIC OF HIS CAR FROM BEHIND WITH THE LICENSE PLATE AND IT'S NOT THE SAME CAR THAT WAS PARKED NEXT TO ME AT CLASS LAST WEEK!!!!!!!!! He'd put new exhaust pipes on his car and that's why the pic of it from the rear. I went to my photos to see the license plate of the car that I thought was his and realize it wasn't his car!!!!!!!!!!!!! So......explains his lack of response! I can't wait to tell my BFF. She will LOL for sure.

So whatever.

I'm working on ME now. He will always have a place in my heart, and a place in my life and my bed if he comes back, but I'm not going to sit around and pine for him any longer. I've got more important things to do.

My hubby and I are headed to LA!!! Can't wait!!!!! We've got reservations at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and we have tickets to an exclusive swingers party at the Ma Maison Sofitel Saturday night! Can't wait!!

And we haven't had any alcohol for over 3 weeks and we are going to drink tmrw!! My first drink will be a bloody mary on the plane. Oh yeah! Let the fun begin!

Oh, and why is it all the hotties on OK Cupid don't live anywhere near me??? WTF??? And the ones that do are all scared to meet me??

Monday, March 16, 2015

A-Ha Moment

Well, if anything becoming a detective due to my husband's infidelities taught me, it's effective sleuthing! I have learned how to check on people. I can't reveal my ways but let's just say I know my way around the Internet. AND guess what I found??? I found a way to view F's Instagram (he blocked me from seeing it) and guess what?? He's back with his GF, the one who cheated on him. The one he laid in MY bed telling me about. Yep, and not only did I run into him twice in four days, BUT I miss him by sheer hours at the car wash as well! He'd posted a pic of his sports car just hours after I had gone there myself! Is this not the craziest irony??

But here's the kicker: He posted a pic of the two of them together and I can't write what they said (I've been warned about quoting off the Internet here) but suffice it to say they are still quite together. And the vacation he said he was taking? The one where he said, "YES we need to see each other def when I get back from vacation" is a road trip to Florida with HER!!!!!! 

I'm not stalking him because I'm a crazy bitch in love. I have learned that people lie. And the only way to get the truth is to do a little detective work because people who lie leave clues. And he's stupid--just like my husband was stupid---he thinks cuz he blocked me I can't see what he's up to. I CAN. AND I DO. 

And my lovely F has fallen off his pedestal.

I will not be an affair whore. That's not who I am. I know both their Facebooks still say they're "single" which is confusing but I guess we will see when he gets back if he contacts me. He obviously deleted my phone number because that last Saturday when I wrote him his text response was, "(my name) who?" Cuz I guess he knows a number of girls who have the same name as me. When he realized it was me he was very glad to hear from me.

There's one more piece of the puzzle.......guess what????

His GF "liked" another pic of me I posted on MY Instagram!!! I posted a pic of me flexing my bicep at the gym. Now you have to understand, she is not a "follower", but I guess my page isn't private so anyone can comment/follow me. This is the second time she's "liked" one of my pics.

And she "liked" it at approximately midnight Friday night. When she was with HIM. IN FLORIDA. PROBABLY LAYING IN BED WITH HIM. 

I can just imagine how the conversation went.

HER to F:  "Hey! Look at (my son's mom---that's how she knows me). Isn't she hot for her age?" 
She shows it to him. They're laying naked and she's showing him a pic of ME to him and commenting on how good I look.
F: (inside freaking out, dick getting hard, remembering our hot roll in the hay in MY bed) "yeah, I guess so" and acts all non-chalant. 
HER: clicks "like" and thinks nothing of it. 

After all, she suspects nothing. He's all hers. I'm just the mom of his friend who took prom pics of them three years ago. That's the last time she and I saw each other.

I found those pics yesterday on my laptop. I was curious how he looked. And that's when I realized it had been 3 years since I'd seen him, NOT two. He was only 16 (nearly 17) then. No wonder I didn't remember him. I didn't remember her either. I remembered only his dad's red Ferrari and how handsome my son looked in his tux. 

So.....I have all the information now. And as to why he didn't respond about the pic I took of our cars together? I'm guessing he just deleted it cuz he was with her. 

Which doesn't hurt my feelings one bit. I haven't done anything wrong. My hubby knows everything. Of course I tell him!! He knows how I feel about F and how upset I was. He's always picking up the pieces after these guys break my heart. At least now I know the TRUTH so he can't play me anymore.

He's soooo young. He's only 19. And she's only 18. They're so immature. I'm moving on and if and when he decides he wants to see me, he knows how to contact me. Of course I'll see him again. 

He knows where I live. 

And for the record, I'm talking to at least 6-8 different guys, and none of them are close to his looks and charm. He was great in bed and great out of bed too. He's def a hard act to follow.

I'll keep looking.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Anna blows it again

Okay so I haven't had a chance to fill you in on the latest exciting news about F, the one guy I just can't get out of my mind. I hadn't heard from him since Christmas, when he texted me, "Merry Christmas" and that he was sorry he hadn't been in touch cuz he'd been really busy. And then I'd texted him obviously too many times, hoping he'd come over and stay with me as my husband and daughter had left to go visit family and I had the house to myself for four days. He'd never responded, and broke my heart.

Three months have gone by, and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I pass his fire house on the way to work every day, not just because I'm hoping to see his car (which I have never even once seen it) but because it's truly the fastest way to get to work. I have left him alone. I have too much pride to continue to chase someone who doesn't want to be caught. I've actively tried to replace him but so far no one has stepped into those big shoes.

So the most incredible thing happened Saturday! I took a different route to work, just thinking maybe traffic would be lighter going a different way since it was so early in the morning. I got off the freeway offramp, and as I made the turn, there was a white Jeep coming off the offramp from my right. Guess who it was????!! YES!!! IT WAS F!!!

I nearly shit my pants. I recognized it from his profile pic. One thing I have to stop here and add is that his parents are rich. His dad is a businessman, I'm not exactly sure what he does, but he replaced his red Ferrari with a yellow Lambo, and F is totally into cars as well. He has two, the white Jeep and another one I can't say here for fear of discovery, but suffice it to say it's one-of-a-kind too. A black car is all I can say.

I recognize the Jeep instantly, and I start shaking. OMG OMG OMG It's HIM!!!!!! THE ONE I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IS RIGHT THERE!!! He pulls behind me!!! And I have to say that I also have a one-of-a-kind car, with a personalized license plate to boot, and he's seen and been in my car. He HAS to know it's me he's behind, right???? As we both go through the green light, I wonder if he'll flash his lights at me or honk or do something to acknowledge me. He doesn't.

A half mile after the green light, he gets into the left hand turn lane, and sadly, he doesn't do anything to acknowledge me. I was too far ahead for our cars to be side-by-side or I'd have waved at least. At that split-second, I want to jerk my steering wheel and follow him. I look GOOD---I'm on my way to work, my outfit is hot and my hair and makeup are looking fine and it's actually a perfect moment to run into the man I can't get out of my heart.

I do no such thing and keep driving straight to work, shaking the whole time.

I felt like I blew it.

But I rationalized that I made that choice to not follow him based on the fact that number 1, he never texted me back three months ago and has made no effort to see or talk to me, and number 2, he didn't acknowledge me so probably, I saved myself humiliation.

I got to work and had to shut my phone off and put it in my locker. I prayed that he'd text me.

Three or so hours later, I had my 15 min break, and grabbed my phone. Sadly, no text from him. I couldn't stand it. I texted him, "Was that you behind me on 83 this morning?" And I sat down, got my sandwich, and waited. I feverishly texted my hubby and my BFF what happened. And then a text from him came!!! I was SO fucking excited I took a screenshot of his name!!!! And guess what he said??
"who is this?" My heart sank. He must've deleted me from his phone. I was heartbroken.

I answered, "(my name)". He wrote back, "(my name) who lol but ya that was me." I wrote back my last name with the two pink hearts emoticon. He wrote again, "well hi (my name)" My heart jumped back into my chest hopefully! I said, "How are you handsome? Lookin hot in that hot jeep". He wrote right back again!!! "Thanks its my buddies actually! I've been good, busy working a lot. How've you been?" I wrote, "Me too! Working and working out...doing good! Would love to see you again" (no punctuation because I usually use too much and he uses too little. Not like me, I HATE bad punctuation but I was trying to mimic his style.

Then my fifteen-minute break was over, and I had to put my phone back in my locker for the next 3 hours. I went back to work with a spring in my step, hoping and praying he'd write me again. I couldn't WAIT to clock out and grab my phone. And sure enough, there were 2 texts from him waiting for me!!!! I couldn't read them fast enough! And here's what he'd said, "Yeah we need to see each other soon! Def once I get back from vacation" (again, no punctuation) and then a second text, "How has work been for you" (again, no punctuation). It was now three hours later. I answered back, "Sorry for the delay I've been at work lol where are you going? We are headed to California can't wait" (punctuation left out on purpose)

The a second text to him, "Work is crazy can't wait to get away. But more excited to see you again" with a kiss emoticon. Haven't heard back.

So, once again, I said too much, and probably seemed needy. I decided to just let it go and wait and see what he does. I was SO happy he responded so positively, he could've ignored me like he did before but he didn't! He even said, "We NEED to see each other" so I'm going with that!


I've been attending a creative writing class at the junior college every semester, including summer, for the last 2 years. This one is every Tuesday night, 7-9 pm. I always race in at the last minute, and last night was no different. There's never a place to park, I always have to wait for someone whose class let out at 7 leave. Well, last night was no different, a woman was just pulling out and I took her spot.

Guess whose car was right in front of mine.

YES!!! F's black sports car!!!!!!

I couldn't fucking believe it!! There was no question it was his. I know what it looks like. It was in my driveway for Christ's sake. And to make sure, I grabbed my phone and quickly looked at his profile pic on his Facebook page, and yep, the tell-tale sign was the distinctive wheels and the little tree air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror.

I couldn't believe the irony. Twice in four days???? I took a pic of our two cars together, and did the dumbest thing I could've done.

Sent it to him with a text, "I just parked for this your car next to mine? lol"

He has not responded.

I didn't think anything of it; to me, it was hilariously ironic that I'd see him twice in four days. And I honest-to-God didn't even know he was taking classes here!! He graduated already with his firefighter degree (whatever it's called) and he had told me he wanted to quit and follow in his father's footsteps, so yeah, maybe he's taking business classes but I had no knowledge of that whatsoever. So I could not believe here was his car, and the only parking space available had been no choice of my own whatsoever. It literally felt like fate was bringing us together again. Even my BFF said so.

I went to class and couldn't stop looking at my phone, waiting for him to respond. I figured he's in class and hasn't seen it, he'll respond at some point. He hasn't. Which upset me but not too much UNTIL BOTH MY HUSBAND AND MY BFF TOLD ME THEY THOUGHT IT LOOKED CREEPY.

To me, it was just, "OMG how ironic is THIS!!!!" and honestly, if I'd been parked next to any friend of mine I'd have done the same thing.

When both my husband and BFF told me how creepy that was that I took that pic and sent it to him, I literally started to shake again and cry. What is wrong with me??? Why did I not see it that way??? Why couldn't I just think it myself how awesome it is that he was right there too??? That wow, maybe one Tuesday night if I got there a little earlier, I might bump into him??? BUT NO I HAD TO GO AND RUIN IT. I ALWAYS SAY AND DO THE WRONG THINGS WITH THIS MAN.

I said to my BFF, "How about I text him and say something like, "OMG that totally was hilarious that I'd run into you twice in four days. I didn't know you were going to classes here" or "I thought that was so ironic I just had to say hi". She said, "NO do not say anything else. It's too late for that. You should've done that right after you sent it. Just lay low now for awhile." So to me, that signified, "You fucked up."

I hate that I did that, I hate that I couldn't see that it might upset him, or anyone for that matter. I honestly thought he'd respond, "LOL how crazy is that??" and then ask me about my class, and I'd ask him about his, and so on. But no. I must've made him think I'm stalking him.


So I've probably ruined that chance with him. I need to forget him now. No more texting him. If I see his car again I will pretend I didn't. I won't follow him or acknowledge him.

But I got out of class (we ended early), and his car was still there next to mine. I looked at it wistfully; I touched it, and I was surprised it was a little dirty. I feared touching it would set off an alarm! It was freezing out, so I got in my car and started the engine to warm up, and just sat there for a few minutes thinking about him. Thinking about, "HE'S HERE!!! HE'S IN THIS SAME BUILDING AS ME!" and hoping and wondering when he'd come out. I wanted to sit there and wait for him (and of course, make it look like I just got there hahaha). But I didn't. I left.

I thought that him coming out and seeing that I was gone would make him feel relieved, like it wasn't stalking nor a big deal. I didn't leave a note on his car, I didn't do anything else. I just left. And who knows what he thinks about it. I am definitely leaving him alone now.

I was planning on texting him when I hear back from Holli and Michael about next week's Playboy Radio show. Did I tell you we might be guests again? They are currently rearranging their guest schedule to accommodate us. I was going to leave F alone until I knew the date and time we were going to be on it and then tell him to listen. I probably won't now.

Time to move on.