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Friday, August 19, 2016

I kissed a girl....and I liked it!!

Last weekend, my hubby and I had a night out that was super fun. We'd gotten a room downtown--it's a college town with lots of hot sexy young people--and had an amazing $450 dinner at an upscale restaurant, and it was still too early for nightlife, so we went to the casino and dropped a few hundred playing blackjack. It was fun but wow the money went faster than it usually does so we thought "we'd better get outta here!!" So we did. We Uber'd back downtown, stopped at our room to freshen up. I'd been texting a couple of hotties to see if they were interested in hooking up, but one by one they had some sort of excuse. I never mentioned my hubby (he was going to stay downstairs at the bar if I had a visitor) all I said was I had a hotel room. And at a 4-star hotel nonetheless!! Why are guys so fucking flaky??? All day long they beg for my pics and a date and then when I'm actually available, they scatter like cockroaches in the light. I truly don't get it. I looked damn good and it was a shame I couldn't find a young hot guy to share my room with me.

Soooo, we decided to go look for some fun then and since it was a beautiful, warm summer night, we walked to one of our fav dance clubs. It was only a couple of blocks, and as we stood waiting for the light to change to cross the street, I hear my name and it's a friend of mine I play tennis with! She's hot and blonde and single and had met up with another hot, blonde, single woman and a couple of other people. We all went to the dance club together. It was slow, too early (almost midnight!) and they decided to go next door to another dance club that was hopping and meet up with us later.

The music was loud and thumping, and the club was starting to fill up. We'd run into a couple of friends who decided to go next door to a club that was already hopping. My hubby and I sat down at the bar and ordered drinks and just people-watched.  There was a gorgeous dark-haired girl dancing alone by a table of friends, maybe eight people, and we weren't the only ones who couldn't take our eyes off of her. She had on a very short white dress, cute black stilettos, and she was dancing to the music, her eyes closed, in her own little world, just like the famous quote, "Dance as if no one were watching." And she was sexy and sultry and even I was getting turned on and girls don't turn me on!!

Next thing I know, my blonde friend and her group came back to the club, and we all descended up one the dance floor.  We dropped off our drinks and purses with my hubby who sat down at a table nearby.  The place was starting to fill up and we were all getting a little drunky. It was so fun. Hubby did come and dance with me and all of us were just having fun.

I was scanning the place and was so disappointed there weren't any cute boys at all, and most were coupled-up anyways. Then lo and behold I saw the dark-haired girl on the dance floor, holding hands with a very good-looking tall blonde guy, and they had major eye-contact and would occasionally kiss. Then I saw her grab the hand of the tall blonde girl my friend came with, and all three of them started a groups kiss together! The whole club was paying attention. I glanced over at my hubby, who'd gone and sat back down, and his eyes were big like, "WOW!!"

Then the three of them broke apart, and the tall blonde danced off to meet other people, and suddenly my tennis friend was holding hands with the dark-haired girl and her blond man, and then THEY were in a group kiss! I was giggling at this point. What a fun couple they were. I don't see people act like that at all where I live, everyone's so fucking repressed.

And then all three dropped hands, started dancing with other people, and guess who that other person was this time!! That's right!! ME!! I WAS IN THE GROUP KISS!! Mmm it was so hot. I hoped my hubby was watching. Turned out he was and he was as turned on as I was!! The dark-haired girl turns to me and got real close to my face and in broken English she said, "he like my husband" and then went on to say, "it only sex we like sex in my country do u like sex?" And she told me she was French and he was South African and that the two of them and their group all work on a boat and she's the chef!! She said her name was Kim. And she took my face in her hands and kissed me. I have never been kissed by a girl before and it was making me feel really turned on and I wanted more.

Then we went our separate dancing ways. After a song or two, I went to our table and plopped down in a chair and slurped up my drink: I was hot and sweaty! It was such a fun night. But it wasn't over yet! We decided we were getting ready to leave, and I saw the dark-haired girl now dancing with some random scruffy-looking young guy, and I knew I wanted to see her again. I went to the bartender and borrowed a pen from him and scribbled a sexy note and my name and phone number on a cocktail napkin.

I found Kim right where I last saw her, and just as I was about to go up to her she came straight at me and said, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I'VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR YOU!" And to my added surprise she again took my face in her hands and kissed me a long, slow juicy kiss. It was so hot. When she broke apart I showed her the cocktail napkin and told her what it was and she tried to stuff it in her bra but her dress was high-nexked and she couldn't figure it out, so then she took the now-crumpled napkin in her hand and lifted her dress and stuffed it in her panties. And then she kissed me again and I said "write me or call me! I'll come see u next time your boat comes to Milwaukee!!" and then we left. My head was spinning, and not just from the vodka.

I think I've fallen for a GIRL!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

What love life????

Well hello sexy readers!! I'm sorry I haven't written much on here lately. My date with HH didn't pan out. He didn't flake out on me, it was the other way around. I thought he was going to meet me at my hotel around 11 pm, and he had said he was in a recording session that was running longer than he'd hoped (as a musician myself I've totally been there). I had to be up at 3 am for my flight to Virginia, so when he wrote me at 1 am, "what's your room number?" I slept right through it. Next trip.

Hubby and I went to State Fair Saturday, an I can't believe who I ran into--F!! OMG. Of course I was hoping to run into Blondie but it didn't happen. We were leaning against a small bar table, standing with a couple beers, standing in the shade. It was so hot and we were just standing there, trying to decide if we were done and ready to go home or stay longer, when I saw F in the crowd. And he was coming straight towards me! I looked hot and that's why I wanted to go to the fair! I was so hoping to run into Blondie, even though I had no information he was planning on going. I just felt it, but it was F I was destined to run into.

We all had sunglasses on, which was perfect. He was with a chick his age or younger, and she was super average. I was way hotter, and I could tell he noticed. I said, "Hi "F", and so did my hubby, and he looked right at me with the biggest smile, those perfect white teeth. If I had looked I'm sure I'd have seen a hard-on. His chick looked at me like "who the fuck are you??" It was epic. I am still
waiting to hear from him. I know he can't get me out of his mind. The two of them kept walking past us into the bar, and they apparently didn't find what they were looking for and came back out minutes later, and again, walked right past our table. F was literally inches away from me. He and I were staring at each other oh so sneakily from behind our sunglasses. Even my hubby said, 'he's totally checking you out." Hehehehehehehehe I'm all his. He just needs to ask.

Blondie is still with his chick, who must have one amazing personality bc she's really unattractive. Oh some pics of her she can look pretty but she's at least 200 pounds and she's only 21. I think, "I wonder what she's gonna look like when she's 45".  I pray he's hopefully missing me and jacking off to my pics. I will NOT contact him as long as he's with her. He needs to reach out to me first. He dumped me for her so I will not grovel. I keep hoping they'll break up and he'll come back to me, but I'm not sitting around waiting.

Or maybe I am. I haven't been with anyone else since Blondie!!! And it's not for a lack of suitors. I just haven't found anyone I'm that smitten with. They're all either too young and don't either have a car or an apartment or live too far. I refuse to do all the work. I"m willing to just flirt and wait for F and Blondie to come back, and if I meet someone hot I will def give them a try!

BTW I ran into Asian Stripper Boy in Kohls of all places!! He was like deer-in-the-headlights. I said, 'Hey you" and he just looked frightened so I giggled and went back to pretending like I was shopping. I was with my hubby and said, "did you see that hot Asian guy? That's Asian Stripper Boy!!" He said "damn no!!" And sure enough he texted me soon after and asked me to go dancing with him Saturday night. And then he didn't respond, and then he sent me a FB friend request in the middle of the night, which I accepted in the morning, and then he must've unfriended me bc I couldn't find him. And in the span of a week, Abercromie and Freckles have been snapchatting me, a new 18 year old and a new 19 year old that writes me every single morning, "hello beautiful" but I haven't made any effort to see any of them.

That's it for now my sexy readers! Hope everyone's having a fun and sexy summer!