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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day with with new Tinder guy

Valentine's Day really had nothing to do with the reason for our date--it was more it was a Tuesday, which just happened to be the best day of the week we could get together. He's free during the day and so am I! 

After our meet-and-greet coffee date on Friday, I thought about all the books I've read about "what men are really thinking" and that sort of shit and how they like to "do" for women, so knowing that JL is a sous chef (on disability right now, so P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!) so I suggested, "I'd love for you to cook for me!" He loved the idea. And most of our texts between Friday and yesterday involved decision making about what to cook for me. Not sexual flirting but everything else. I loved it. He always responded, never ghosted or went long periods of time without communicating. 

I got there soon after tennis yesterday, with a condom just in case. I wasn't really sure I wanted to fuck him or not. He was growing on me with every day that passed, he seemed so genuine and easy to be around. Not having a car, he needed to still go to the store and buy everything. So, we stood in his kitchen for about 45 min while we tried to decide what to cook. I swear I was hungry and so horny, I was ready to just say, "let's order a fucking pizza and fuck while we wait for it to get here!!" 

It was awkward going out in public with a much-younger guy. He actually got a shopping cart when we got out of my car and rode it into the store. I was so embarrassed. Mickey used to do that after he'd help me put the groceries in my car. I had a flash-back to those days and chuckled to myself. In the store, he'd ride it too, from aisle to aisle. I finally let him go off without me bc I was so uncomfortable. I'd said I was looking for truffle oil, and by the time I'd found him he was at the self-check out.

I've GOT to remember to bring my own booze when I got to these young guy's places! They never have anything remotely like what I drink. We stood in his kitchen, a cluttered kitschey place his mom owns. Yellow kitchen and bathroom tile, pink walls, little figurines everywhere, very claustrophobic. I hated it. It was offset by lots of sunlight coming in and many scattered houseplants everywhere, and of course, that hot young 24-year-old who was now wearing a black apron and cutting vegetables for me. He'd put on music from "Vengo" (hadn't heard of it) and he chatted endlessly about everything that came into his head while he chopped and sauteed. He was making "sliders" with chicken since I don't eat red meat. It was frozen and it took forever. I got there around 12:30 and we didn't eat until 4:30.

I was texting my hubby off and on while I was there, reassuring him and also giving him a play-by-play. He said "He's shy. You're going to have to make the first move". I realized he was right. JL was respectful and never once assumed he was going to get laid. He genuinely enjoyed cooking for me, and it was fun talking to him. He's so fucking smart!!! I LOVE smart guys! I realized tho I needed some liquid courage and asked him to make me something to drink. He offered me water, orange juice or soda. I was like, "eh". Then he said, "seven and seven?" I blurted out "SURE!!!!!" I have never actually had whiskey but I needed something to loosen me up. I was so uptight. There was no place to really sit either, so I felt so awkward just leaning on the kitchen counter the whole time. There were barstools, but when I'd sat down on one of them, they were too short and the counter was up to my chin. Oy. Hence the standing.

Finally, watching the chicken sauteeing and taking forever (I was STARVING) the whiskey hit me fast. He'd mixed it with grenadine and Sprite, but alas, no ice cubes LOL. He was sitting up on the corner of the counter, arms crossed, looking so fucking adorable. I just waltzed over to him and took his hands in mine, spread his legs open with mine and he leaned in and he kissed me. I let him just kiss me and kiss me and kiss me. He bit my lip and sucked it and then made his way to my neck and nibbled and kissed it and back up to my mouth again. It was SO HOT. I love making out. Sometimes I don't ever want it to lead to sex bc then they stop making out with the goal line of fucking.

It was so fun. He went back to cooking and I went back to my post and we kept chatting. Then another time I did it again. Just went over to him and started kissing. This time his hand started to roam and I let him. He moved my hand to his dick, which was quite hard now and I was getting very turned on. I let him slide his hand into my leggings where he quickly found my wet pussy. He fingered me, found my clit piercing. He pulled away from kissing me with a chuckle, "I should've guessed." I found that to be an insult of sorts somehow and pulled away from him and said,"What?? Why's that?" He just closed his eyes and smiled and kissed me to avoid answering. 

It was getting pretty intense. He cracked me up when he said, "I remember you said you liked appetizers!" and put my hand on his dick! I laughed and said, "indeed I do!!!"  I undid the button to his khakis and unzipped his zipper, but caressed his dick from outside his boxers. I love the anticipation. That's my favorite. I think he wanted me to give him a blow-job but I didn't want to, not there in that crazy-lady kitchen and not before I got my pleasure. I said, "Where's your bedroom?" And we went there. 

It was upstairs, a cute loft that badly needed upgrades, but the sunlight coming in was spectacular. He didn't really have a bed-just a mattress on the floor with a mirrored headboard on the ground leaning up against it. It looked like a teenage boy's bedroom and I caught myself actually asking him if he was "really 24" bc he could pass for 17. He assured me he was, but part of me was a little afraid the cops were going to bust in and arrest me at any second. I am not kidding. I should've made him prove it but I knew I was worried for nothing. I knew how old he was from his conversation (year he graduated high school, etc.) but idk it was a bit uncomfortable.

I could tell he wasn't very experienced and needed some direction, but I really like a guy to take charge so I didn't want to tell him to do much. He seemed awkward so I said, "whatever piece of clothing I take off, you copy!" He liked that. So the first thing to come off was my top. He didn't comply with the game right away, he seemed distracted, so I said it again playfully and started to take his black t-shirt off. He was skinnier than he appeared with his clothes on. Then I started to take off my leggings. He got the game at this point and was taking off his pants too. I said, "It's cold! I'm leaving my socks on!" and we laughed.

Finally we were down to socks and undies, and I sat down on his mattress. He'd just changed the sheets he said, and put a large dark blue towel down and I moved so he could lay it down. That annoyed me. Next thing I knew he was standing in front of me and I was kneeling, and his large hard cock was in my face. It was a pretty cock and his balls were very nice too so I showed my appreciation. He came so fast, I'd say less than 3 minutes, one and a half maybe. I swallowed it all and he moaned and grabbed by hair hard. I KNOW that was the best BJ he'd ever been given, but he didn't say so. He was not a talkative lover at all. He smiled a lot and made a lot of eye contact which I love.

He had asked about a condom and I'd already gotten it out. I didn't want to fuck him yet bc I wanted him to lick me and make me cum. He said he "didn't do that" and I said, "WHAT??!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??" and he said yeah. I said, "well you need to learn or we won't be doing this again." I don't think he believed me. But I was super horny and needed a real good pounding so I instructed  him, "Sit down". There was a green-sheeted covered futon and I wanted to fuck him. He complied but again, commented about the sheet being clean so I grabbed the blue towel and spread it down atop the green sheet. I climbed on top of him and fucked him hard. It was a great piece of furniture to fuck on! (We must get one!) I grabbed hold of the edge of the back of it and was able to really fuck him hard. I think he was amazed how long and hard I can fuck without getting tired. hehehehe

Then he flipped me over and fucked me from behind. Goddamm it I have never been fucked that hard before. I swear to God. I mean Blondie fucks me hard but never from behind. It was incredible. JL would grab my hair tight and I would like it for a little bit but then it started to hurt so I'd ask him to ease up and he always did. I liked that. Made me feel safer. He would slap my ass too as he fucked me and I loved it. Finally tho my hands would hurt from being on my knees and I wanted him to fuck me face-to-face. I was the one orchestrating our moves. I made him stop and got up from the futon and motioned for the mattress, which of course, at the same time, dragged the blue towel to it. I laid down on my back and he wanted to keep fucking me which he did. At one point he put my panties in my mouth, covering my mouth with his hand. I had never had anyone do that to me before and I felt very scared. I pushed it out right away. He didn't try to stop me, he obviously knew I didn't like it.  He fucked me SO hard and fast. I see where the term "pounding" comes from hahahahha He definitely pounded me. He was sweating and it was dripping on me body and I thought it was so hot. He was so cute. I loved seeing his face while he fucked me.

I was so horny and his fucking made me want to cum SO BAD but I had to tell him it wasn't going to happen with my legs in the air and his dick inside me. He seemed to think that's how women cum so he just kept fucking me harder and harder. He seemed surprised when I told him that. He did pull out and finger me a little but for some reason I felt like I couldn't relax, maybe it felt like he wasn't really trying and wasn't really into pleasing ME so I said, "we can stop". It was getting late anyways, and he had said his mom came home from work at 5:30 and it was already 4:30 and we hadn't even eaten the food he'd spent 3 hours cooking!! So we did, he was sweating and tired and I was too. We got up and got dressed--I didn't like the way he tossed my bra and panties to me onto his mattress instead of sexily handing them to me. I started to feel whorish and I thought, "I don't think I'm coming back here again."

He grabbed his clothes and left the room and went downstairs, and I was left alone. I got dressed and went downstairs, and I saw him in the bathroom drying himself off with a brown towel. I think he must've quick showered....?? He said something about being so sweaty (he wasn't complaining, just explaining). I thought it was odd. He dressed then quickly, came into the kitchen and prepared our plates and we went over to the same counter where I'd stood all afternoon and we devoured his chicken sliders. They were amazing. We were famished. We chatted as we ate and kept an eye on the clock. Finally it was time to leave--I was ready. I offered to do the dishes but he said nah he didn't mind. I thanked him for cooking for me and that it was awesome. He walked me to the door and we kissed a juicy deep kiss goodbye.

He's sweet, and sexy, but idk about the way he treated me. I don't like feeling like a cheap whore. I realized the biggest difference between Blondie and JL is, JL "fucks". Blondie "makes love". World of difference. 

Guess who I'd rather fuck.

Preamble to Valentine's Day

I want to tell you about my Valentine's Day yesterday!! OMG it was so hot! BUT first a Blondie update. He is still single according to his FB, which he's on 24/7, so I poke him now and then. I thought Valentine's Day was a great reason to poke him and I sent him a cute meme of an orange cat like his inside a pink heart. He responded immediately!! Wished me same back and we chatted off and on. Oh, I forgot, actually we started texting the day before. He'd posted on his fb he needed rehab for his binge drinking and he had almost 50 comments so I just PM'd him mine. It went from there. It was very interesting--he'd been hungover that Monday he came over and had gotten sick. AND when he drunk-dialed me that sexy convo where he said he "craved" me he was drunk. Putting pieces together. And it's interesting bc when we were together last year he never drank at all. He loves his weed. So this must be new behavior, perhaps getting dumped by Piggy Face??? Hmmmm. He was having chest pains and I was going to take him to the ER but he ended up deciding to "ride it out". He's only 24. I'm sure he just had anxiety.

Anyways, I decided to just ask him out! He's the kind of guy that likes romance. He seems offended or something when I'm too sexual. So I said, "how about $5 movie night? It'll be fun!!" He responded it sounded like fun but he couldn't tonight, something about having to get a hair cut (on VALENTINE'S DAY??? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHICK HE WAS TALKING TO AND COULDN'T TALK TO ME....?!?!?!?! HE ALONE ON V-DAY??!!)  and had to "take care of some other stuff". I believed him. He doesn't lie. If he had a date he'd have said so. He's clearly unbalanced right now. But we are talking daily again and I'm so happy to have him back in my life. I know, he wasn't ever really "out". But when he's dating someone else, I'm in the friend zone.

Yeah. Blondie broken like New Guy, but omg they handle their brokenness completely differently. Blondie doesn't "shut people out" and ghost them into thinking they're done anything wrong.


I matched about 5-7 cute guys and sat back to see who'd pursue me the hardest. The winner was a guy I'll call JL. He's 24-years old, tall and lanky, a ginger with light hazel eye. And awesome eyebrows. I agreed to meet him for coffee last Friday. Again, another hottie without a car, so I went to pick him up where he lived, which is a ramshackle house along a busy freeway about 20 minutes from me. Perfect tho, bc we'd be unlikely to run into anyone I know.

He was cute and I liked his look right away. We drove to a nearby Starbucks and he bought us both a coffee. It's always awkward being in public with someone who most people would look at us and assume I'm his mom. We sat at a bar-type table facing a window and chatted for about an hour. I realized he's probably one of the most intelligent people I'd ever met-completely knowledgeable about politics (at least we are in agreement on most everything!!) He's an activist and a former vegan who still eats mostly only organic. He spoke so softly I had to lean in several times and say, "I'm sorry??" He also started doing this head twitch which seemed like hiccups, or possibly, Turrett's??? I had mixed emotions. He was super cute, dressed like a total skaterboy, had a sexy deep voice, inviting eyes and then tics. It was a bit scary and off-putting.

As I got talking to him, he told me about a bicycling accident he'd had three years prior that resulted in a brain injury and "micro seizures". It was a bit frightening and I told him so. He put me at ease and said he's used to it. We talked for an hour and he filled me in about it and I was still conflicted about any chemistry I was feeling with him.

When I drove up to his house, he asked me what I was looking for. "FWB essentially" I responded, and he said likewise. I felt safe and at ease around him once his "micro seizures" stopped (they weren't bad, like I said, like hiccups) and I liked that he reached over and just kissed me. He was a GREAT kisser, and very respectable, he didn't just dive into my groin. I liked kissing him and grabbed his shoulder and pulled him closer. He invited me in, but I said I wasn't ready for that, and had to get going.

I wrote him at a stoplight on the way home, "you're a great kisser". He flirted back, and we made plans to see each other the following week.

And that's the blog post I wanted to write about initially but had to get all the other shit out of the way first.

Next up--I fucked him yesterday.

Ghosting--the new "fuck you"

It's only Wednesday and I have SOOOOOO much to tell you!! WHERE DO I BEGIN???

I think I'll start by saying around 1 am a few nights ago, New Guy messaged me, simply, "Yo". I laughed so loud. I was in bed reading on my iPad as usual, staying up way too late. I couldn't believe his nerve. A few minutes later I responded with the snarky, "Yo yo!" He didn't respond and I fell asleep soon after. What an ass.

In the morning he wrote me, "what are you up to" (again no punctuation). I responded simply, " Driving now." Bc I was and also bc I didn't want to initiate conversation. Let HIM do the work. I was waiting for the apology.

He didn't write again. BUT he DID comment on a Facebook post I'd made about something about the Grammy Awards show I was watching. Something snarky, of course. I just kept my response to myself and "liked" his comment, which meant, I see you but I 'm not giving you the honor of my response.

And then once again, 1:00 a.m. messages. At least this time it wasn't, "Yo". So I decided to respond and see if I could get some answers. He dove right in by saying he'd been "real depressed last week. Sorry just been AWOL." Like that was going to smooth everything over and make it okay. BUT I'm not a jerk and I did have some compassion bc I realized right then and there that it had nothing to do with me.

That's really all I needed to know.

I said, 'What's going on?" He answered, "nothing, I just suffer from depression. Sometimes it get bad. I'm medicated for it." I said I was sorry to hear. I said, "Can I ask u something?" He said, "yes". I said, "Why did you ghost me?" He said, "I just told u." I was not satisfied. I went on. "I invited myself over to see u. You never responded. Help me understand. I really really liked you."


His response? The same. "I told you."

I went on to say how I liked how he had always said how "blunt" he was and "tells it like it is" so I assumed he must've met someone else. And "I even wrote a few days after that. I said I missed your phone calls. Have you missed me too?"

He said, "Like I said, I am medicatd. I have bouts of really highs and really lows. I'm saying I'm sorry. Nothing left to say." I said, "I"m glad to hear that" and "I've missed you."

Then the convo turned sexual. I wasn't interested. I deflected. Told him about a couple good porn sites he should check out instead.

I complimented him on his singing voice. Remember he's in a band too and their lead singer, and he's sent me his songs and he's a crooner. Fucking velvety voice, so beautiful, it's higher than mine. He said, "no one's ever told me that." I said, "I wrote you I was listening to your music and getting turned on by your voice. You never responded. I felt so stupid." He felt bad apparently, saying, "Don't. U R awesome. It's my own shit." DAMN STRAIGHT IT IS.

"How do I not take it personally if you choose to ignore me again?" I challenged him.

"Cause I told you why. I close down and shut people out."

I said, "That's sad babe. I'm sorry to hear and it hurts." And then I added sympathetically, "I"m sure you hurt worse tho." He said, "Trust me, I don't enjoy it.".

So that was that. We chatted a bit after and it ended sweetly, and I've heard from him a couple times since. We wished each other a happy Valentine's day and I "hearted" his new FB profile pic. I'll give him all the compliments I think he deserves, but that boy ain't getting in my pants anytime soon. I'll be his friend and that's all. I don't do mental illness anymore. I have let broken people pull me down so many times, I give and give and give and try to save them from themselves and all it ever does is break ME instead.

I can't do it. If I fuck him he will get in my heart and he doesn't deserve a place there. I don't need him for sex. He needs me--he wants me, he can't do better than me but he doesn't deserve me.

It feels SO GOOD to have gotten answers.

People, I know it the "latest thing" to ghost people but for God's sake stop doing it. All it does is cause so much anxiety and despair to the person you're ghosting. If you've barely talked to them it's an acceptable way to let them know you're not interested but if you've dated them, you owe them an explanation. Tell them. There are gentle words out there to communicate you're no longer interested in dating them without breaking their spirit. We are grown-ups.

Start fucking acting like one.

And have a nice day.

Follow-up post will be very exciting. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Another one bites the dust

Oy vay.

Back to the drawing board.

New Guy will probably not be mentioned again after today's post. I think it's super interesting that not only could I not think of how to address him when I talked about him let alone on here was probably a premonition. I'm so annoyed. I texted him again one last time last night, I simply said, "I miss your daily phone calls. Hope all is well with you."

Crickets once again.

And what pisses me off the most is, he made a point to tell me more than once how he's the kind of person who's "so blunt it offends a lot of people" but the truth is, he's a coward and an asshole. To just ignore me is cowardice and douchebag behavior. So much for being "blunt".

I deleted all our texts so I'm not tempted to contact him again. And why would I be tempted to contact him again? Only to show my anger and contempt for him and I don't want to do that. I want to just "go away" as he's hoping I will (apparently) and take the high road. I KNOW I didn't do anything wrong. The day before he stopped responding to me we had insane video sex and he'd responded how hot and sexy I was. So whatever is causing him to act like an asshole, well, it has nothing to do with ME.

I like that I'm handling this additional rejection well. It happens so often I can't possibly take it personally. I think these young guys are mostly all talk-like Hairy Guy got cold feet at the last minute and admitted "sexting is fun but I don't think I can go through with it." I think they just like the free sexy pics and the IDEA of me. And also, I'm married. They want girlfriends they can take home to their roommates and not be embarrassed about. Once Blondie got a female roommate, he refused to have me over bc apparently, he was embarrassed of me. I refuse to be someone's embarrassment. I will keep looking until I find someone who will like me the way I am. What hurts is New Guy and I had these conversations and before we even met we both wanted the same thing. Being almost 28 he seemed more mature than Blondie (who's barely 24).


I'm not going to waste a minute putting myself down. I always tell myself, "If I don't have any information to go on as to why they stopped contacting me, what good does it do me to put myself down?? I mean yes, I am the common denominator. BUT both guys' last interactions with me were highly positive. So if I have no idea why they lost interest, what good does it do me to put myself down? If I have to write the story, why say "oh it's bc you're old. They saw your flab. They saw wrinkles. I'm not 24." blah blah blah Why not tell myself, "They stopped contacting me bc they couldn't handle me?" and "they're immature" and "probably want a girlfriend/marriage/babies and I can't give them that."

It saves my ego and it's probably the truth. But there's really no excuse for just "ghosting" someone you've been involved with except to label that person a douchebag.

At least Blondie always wrote me and told me why he couldn't see me. He gave me that. He has never ghosted me. And he's younger than New Guy. And here I thought NG would be more mature.
Apparently, age is not an indicator of douche'ness.


Happy Monday y'all.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Hairy Guy saves the day

My hubby was in another state for work last night, so I wanted to make the most of my solo evening and wrote New Guy that I was free and would he like some company?? I assumed since he'd invited me over several times (which I'd declined bc I wasn't "ready" yet) would def want to get together. After all, we'd just had this awesome video sex, and he was calling me daily, texting me non-stop.

And I think I wrote yesterday that I knew something had changed when he hadn't opened my snapchat from the night before, and hadn't texted back either. Finally he did, three texts in a row, something about how he couldn't find his phone "until just now." I've used that line before so I knew it was code for, "I didn't really want to respond, but I'm an asshole if I don't".  So imagine my humiliation now having basically thrown myself at him and he still has not even responded. And it's not like he "can't find his phone", because he's posted shit on his Facebook! He's just fucking ghosting me! WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!! SEE???!! THERE WAS A REASON HE NEVER GOT A NAME FROM ME!!! I'm pissed beyond pissed. But I am always right about chemistry. I had to work too hard at it, but when I finally felt it, guess it was too late for him. Big fucking deal. I don't give a shit. His loss. I'm done. If I hear from him it had better be good bc I don't plan on responding. And I'm not going to humiliate myself further by sending "???'s either. 


I wasn't about to sit home tho. And ironically, Hairy Guy was in town, literally just for the one night! So we Snapchatted back and forth all day, and I lied and told him I had plans with girlfriends and wasn't sure I could get out of it. Truth was, I was holding out for New Guy. I wrongly assumed he was just at work, because he DID write me "good morning" as usual and a few scattered texts, so I had no reason to believe my plans with him would fizzle. By 4:30, I was beyond pissed off, and decided to see Hairy Guy and if New Guy wrote me, I would tell him sorry he took too long to respond so I made other plans.


Hairy Guy was all in. I made a hotel reservation, the same one I met Abercrombie at that has a cute bar adjoining it. I could hardly get ready bc he kept sending me sexy snapchats. We were both getting ready for our date and he was getting so excited he sent me a video of himself jerking off. What a fucking hottie!!

He was staying with family literally a mile away from me, and since he lives in Florida, he didn't have a car, so I went to pick him up. He was as adorable as his snapchats. He's got hair longer than mine (he even agreed it was!) and he's the complete opposite of Blondie except for the length of their hair. Oh, and they both have blue eyes. He's called Hairy Guy for a reason LOL he's always got some sort of 3-4 day stubble on his face, long black very curly hair, and a very hairy chest. He doesn't "manscape" at all. Which is usually the complete opposite of what I'm usually attracted to so it kind of surprises me I'm so insanely attracted to him!

Shortly before I let to pick him up, he backed out of meeting me entirely. Said something about how it was "immoral" bc I have a husband and kids and a house and all. I was like "whoa whoa whoa" and had to explain my sitch to him all over again. He also mentioned something about a girl he was seeing who wasn't really his girlfriend but he was "holding out for her." I was annoyed and probably should've cancelled our date, but by then I was all dressed up and very horny and damn if I wasn't going to get some attention!! I cancelled the hotel reservation and told him we would just have dinner. That if I ate I wouldn't want to fuck anyways. LOL He softened and said, "YEAH!!"
I should summarize that we've known each other for almost 2 years! We "met" on Tinder and after nearly hooking up, I did a little digging and saw that he was FB friends with my DAUGHTER!! I was like no no no no no this can NEVER happen.

So we've been friends ever since. We really are. I feel like I know him pretty well. He sends me snapchats all the time, and I to him. We discuss my daughter and her possible pot smoking. He swears he has no idea who she is, or my son for that matter. They all went to the same high school and kids know kids and friends of other friends is all. Having known him this long I believe him. So I just thought, this will be fun to finally meet him. No pressure.

In the car on the way to the restaurant he let me pick. he was telling me a story that included the information that he was only 19!! I freaked and said, "WTF??? WHY DID I THINK YOU WERE 24!!!!!" He laughed and said, "Anna you know how young I am! I was barely 18 when we first started talking and that's why you wouldn't meet me!" He said everyone thinks he looks 24-26. He said he's even a bar-back where he lives in Florida and that's why they let him keep the job even though he's under 21. He said his fake ID is so legit looking, and I laughed and told him that I'm sure they'd serve him anyways bc I'm sure they'll just think I'm your mom!!

We had a great time together. He's super ADD and talks a mile a minute and hardly stops to take a breath, but he always had eye contact. He never once looked around the room at anyone else, he was focused on me and only me the entire time. We had 2 margaritas, and nibbled on the tortilla chips and guac, and I thought, "well, this isn't going anywhere" which was the plan, so I tossed my credit card to the bartender and asked for the bill. After I signed it I told Hairy Guy I had to use the bathroom. He gave me the sweetest smile, and for the first time, I saw dimples, peeking out from all that stubble. I stopped and said, "I'm having a great time. Are you?" And he said, "fuck yeah!" I said, "I don't have to leave. Want another??" and again he said, "fuck yeah!" I said, "ok awesome! I'm going to go to the bathroom. Order us another round?" He said, "sure!!!"

I was like, oh Anna, a THIRD margarita??? That spells either trouble or sex. Hehehehe

As we were talking he started putting his hand on my knee or thigh when he gestured. I didn't mind at all. We had crazy chemistry, and we were such good friends, I was relaxed and not at all nervous. I ordered food when I got back bc I was afraid I would end up quite sick as i hadn't eaten anything but a few chips. I barely touched it bc I was getting hornier and hornier for this hottie.

Finally it was time to leave, and we just simply walked to my car. Non-plussed. Just good buddies. With all this crazy chemistry that wasn't going anywhere. After I started driving, we got about 2-3 miles in and he said something about wanting to park somewhere and "make out". I said, "you sure??? I don't want u to do anything your uncomfortable with. That was the agreement." He said, "you're so hot baby and I've wanted you for almost 2 years. I'm so stupid. We should've kept that hotel room." I said, "oh well!! Maybe next visit!!!" By now his hand was up my dress and fingering my pussy and I was panting. I had no idea where to go and we laughed as we tried several different parking lots and found a dark corner finally. He pounced on me, he couldn't wait.

Kissing me ferociously. His fingers all up in my business, I took his man-bun down and grabbed a fistful of that sexy Jesus hair. He said all the young girls he dates tell him to cut it bc he looks too much like Jesus. I laughed and said I was agnostic so for me this is def going to be a religious experience!! He laughed too. And I wasn't nervous at all, and I felt so safe with him, he's so sweet. And a tiger and passionate. I found his hard dick and he undid the top of his pants and I sucked him off. He moaned like an animal and came so fast and tasted so fucking delicious. He kissed me more and fingered me until I came. It was fucking awesome.

And he goes back Monday, so I think I'll tease him today and see if he has changed his mind about fucking me.

Have a great weekend my sexy readers!!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hot virtual sex with New Guy!

The same day Blondie dumped me yet again, I had a visitor in the afternoon that was just what the doctor would've ordered----New Guy. He stopped by on his way home from his work break. He works like 2 miles from me! How convenient is THAT?!?!? Now remember, this is only the second time I've ever seen him in person. He caught me off-guard--I hadn't showered (I typically don't if all I'm doing is housework) so I was like eh, gimme 5 minutes to make myself somewhat presentable??! He was like I'm sure you look beautiful.

Awww.....yesssss. Thank you. I very much needed that today mister.

He's a chef in an Italian restaurant and primarily makes a lot of pizzas he was telling me, and therefore, that explained the flour on his Converse shoes. He looked adorable. Same red knit cap on, jeans that are way too baggy, and a jacket bc well, it's January. He came in and he was SUCH a gentleman. I believe I hugged him when he came in, but otherwise, he kept a good distance between us. I have to tell you he wasn't just there to see ME. He was buying pot off me. I buy it like once a year and forgot I even had it, and since he's a huge pot smoker, he offered to buy it from me so I was like, "sure, if I can find it!!" I knew I had it hidden from my kid somewhere in my closet. I found it and had brought it downstairs for him.

He didn't stay long, I'd say maybe 15-20 min. He told me it was "great shit" and how I was over-charged for it but that it was def "great shit". We talked about his work, I showed him what I'd been doing (working on the band's set list) and my dog approved and the two of them bonded. I was nervous as a schoolgirl (how cliche is THAT??!!) but his smile melted me. When he walked to the door to leave, he gave me that smile, and next thing I know, we're kissing so passionately, and as I press my body up against his, I feel his hard cock up against my groin and I realized I was instantly wet for him. I wanted him. It wasn't forced, it was genuine.

When we broke apart, it was awkward and fun. I'm sure my face was bright red with embarrassment. But it was awesome, bc I finally felt the chemistry I'd wanted to feel for him. He's worming his way into my heart. AND my pants LOL

Speaking of pants....

The next day he called me (he calls me almost every day! I love it!) and he wanted to video call me and masturbate together! I was like SURE!!!! OKAY!!! I said I wanted to shower first and get prettied up.

I did, and put on a pretty red push-up bra and red thong, and texted him, "Ready!" And my phone rang immediately.

It was the first time I ever even saw him with his shirt off and without a knit cap! There was so much skin suddenly. It was a bit shocking but he was very pretty. He's lankier than he seems in clothes (must get him to get rid of those baggy jeans!!) and he's very sexy! A truly beautiful and hairless body (the way I love it!), long blonde hair but not as long as Blondie's. A small hoop earring in each ear. Blue eyes and full lips, and tattoos on his arms. He seemed very skilled at holding his cell phone while masturbating! The view was scrumptious. Beautiful big stiff cock and a wicked smile on his face at the same time. I posed for him and he'd purr, "mmmmm you're soooo beautiful" and "show me that pussy". It was fun pleasing him, and as he stroked his cock, I masturbated at the same time with one of my vibrators. He mostly complimented me while he stroked and moaned, occasionally giving me directions on what he wanted me to do. It was so fun. He started to cum and then I came with him. It made me def want to be with him as soon as possible.

The next day he wanted a repeat performance, as we still couldn't get together, and we were all set when my daughter came home unexpectedly early from school. Thank God he wasn't HERE!! I told him, 'you're on your own today I'm afraid mister" and asked if he'd like some sexy pics to assist. He said, "please???!!!" So I obliged, and posed for maybe 5-6 pics and snapchatted them to him. He screenshot nearly all of them.

And I'm pained to report, I've hardly heard from him since. I know that was only 2 days ago, but there's an obvious drop in his attention. He only texted me a couple times yesterday, and gave me the, "I lost my phone till just now" excuse, which I have used myself when I feel guilty at not writing back someone I don't really want to talk to. Then after a long lag time after my response (which I made light of it) he wrote, "I'll text you after work." My BFF said, "Don't respond for at least an hour. Find out if he really wants to talk to you. He'll double-triple text if he does." Which is what he usually does! He'll send 5-6 texts back-to-back. 

He didn't, and I took longer than an hour to respond, which he'd just written, "how are ya" (no punctuation ever, drives me crazy),  and I'd just said, "I'm good hun how's your day been" (no punctuation either). 

That was 6:16 pm last night. It's now almost 9 am and nothing. I sent him a silly snapchat last night of my dinner and he hasn't even opened it! So I'm sad and hurting and trying to decide, "do I text first again??? Do I wait? Do I send him another snapchat?? And while I'm thinking all this, I actually do nothing. If he misses me he will write me.

And lastly, I got yet another snapchat from Blondie yesterday. Two videos. He sends them to me and then also posts them to his "story". Which is bad snapchat etiquette, but he doesn't know any better, and it makes me happy so fuck etiquette!!! It lets me know he is thinking about me and wants to make sure I see it. I honestly don't know why he is so attentive now that he's dumped me. Maybe bc I didn't react the way he's used to girls reacting??? I don't make him feel guilty or get all cray. Or beg him to change his mind. Hmmm.. I am thinking he will date this new chick but like with Piggy Face, he thought of me the entire time he was with her, and still wanted to talk to me and fuck me.

I just have to be patient, and keep looking elsewhere. I would love to fall for New Guy, but this sudden lack of attention makes me feel like I need to get back on Tinder. 


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dumped again


We've got so much catching up to do!!


Wow so my birthday was Thursday, very nice day, over 150 Facebook wishes and messages, and yes, Blondie did finally write me. I decided I would use that moment to write him further. Prodded by my BFF, I thanked him for the birthday wishes, and added a congrats to him on getting his new job, the one that will keep him from moving to Colorado! The next morning he thanked me and we wrote back and forth chit-chat off and on all morning. Finally, I poked him around 10:30 am the day after my birthday, "You should be inside me. Come over."

How would YOU react if someone you (apparently) really liked and had had a sexual relationship with wrote that to you??  Well, he responded first with, "haha hey now, I'm working."  A couple hours later I wrote simply, "when next then?" with a kissy face emoticon.

And that's when the shit hit the fan.

He waxed on about how he won't be able to "for awhile"--that there's someone else he's been talking to and "I can't do two things at once" That it makes him uncomfortable and "I know she wouldn't like it.' How the fuck would he know that???!!

He went on. Stab, stab, stab.

"I'm sorry. It just messes with me to do that to someone. If (sic) love to have a relationship. And this one had her eyes on me and I would be lying to say I didn't have mine on her."

I wanted to say, "go fuck yourself Blondie" but my dignity wouldn't allow it. I simply said, "well you def have to pursue that then! I totes get it....hopefully you and I will get to play again in the future." And he proceeded to send me a snapchat video right at that moment. And a few since.

I'm not ever going to be that crazy ex-girlfriend. And I know he will come back. He always does. Because like the Avril Lavigne song my band is doing right now, "Every second I'll be wrapped around your finger, cuz I can, cuz I can do it better, there's no other, so when's it gonna sink in, she's so stupid what the hell were you thinking!!!" --Girlfriend